Thursday, 21 November 2013

Japan 2013 #4

4 words. Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea.
So on our 2nd day in Tokyo, we end up heading to Tokyo Disneyland. It's not that far from our hotel, merely requiring us to stop and transfer JR trains in Tokyo Station. 

I'm going to say this. Disneyland is FUCKING crowded. It's like there was a huge bomb of people that exploded all over Disneyland, covering it with people and more people. For those in the know, I got MORE streetpasses per minute in Disneyland than I did in Akihabara. That's a LOT of people. 

Overall, went on a few rides but the queue times for the rides were mostly pretty long. Never ever trust what Disneyland puts as 'estimated' waiting time for its rides -_- They're almost never accurate. We stayed all the way until about 6+ at which point, it was getting dark and cold so we left to get somewhere warmer. 
In reality, we headed to Ikebukuro where I got myself a better jacket. Then the next day, it was off to DisneySea. 

DisneySea doesn't differ from Disneyland too much except it's colder. The rides are more mature in the sense that it actually has more roller coasters. Other than that, they seem to sell pretty much the same stuff. When we got there, we witnessed a parade taking place. 
The whole decoration of the place is pretty psychedelic at times. Lots of bright colors, like purples and pinks. There's even an basement cavern designed to simulate the Little Mermaid. 
It's like someone on LSD designed the place sometimes. Also, why is there no Scrooge Mcduck merchandise? I would buy soft toys of him even. But Disneyland doesn't seem to sell it. Maybe it's just me and the Ducktales binge I've been on lately but I want some Scrooge McDuck merchandise.
I mean, they obviously know he exists and have no issues using him as a statue or what not. But seriously Disney, make some merchandise of my favourite cartoons while growing up. Darkwing Duck, Ducktales Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers... I would get it!

Again, we stayed there till fairly late. Maybe about 6ish. Where it got really cold out in the open and near the sea so we left again. On the way, we ended up buying donuts from this shop at Tokyo Station, and because people like cute food pics...Here it is.
By the way, they only taste average. But in Japan, looks matter more than substance anyway. So yay, Japan.