Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Japan 2013 #3

Right, the Internet connection in Tokyo, Japan was a bitch so I really didn't manage to do much. Well, except enjoy myself in Japan. 

Where I had last left off, we had just finished our day in Kyoto, mostly walking to Kyomizudera and then walking back. The very next day, we ended up setting off for Tokyo in the early morning. We had a dinner appointment that night at 7, and one that we meant to keep at that. 

We ended up reaching Tokyo at 2ish, and then managed to find our way to the hotel. Which was goddamn small. Especially after the very enjoyable Kyoto one. Then since we had time to kill, we decided to walk around. First we grabbed a quick lunch, then headed to Akihabara since our JR passes were still active. There we saw this promotion of some new Code Geass pachinko machines. But Akihabara wasn't our main stop since it was only on the way. I just wanted to pass by it. Our next stop was Ikebukuro. 
Once there, we walked around and did some shopping. There's a fairly active shopping street out of the West Exit of the JR Ikebukuro station which has a lot of clothing shops, a Hello Kitty shop, an Animate, a Mandarake and a Kbooks. The last 3 are all anime-related shops. Anyway, we ended up meeting my girls friend who was currently studying in Japan at the moment. 

We headed to a don(rice bowl) shop where we had negi toro don or other equivalents (looks like the picture above) where the friend was telling us she had never come to these kind of shops before while in Japan because she only wants to eat good and famous food in Japan. Guess we're not the type to eat good food then. 

After which we headed to a Cat Cafe nearby because the friend didn't want to go back. Unfortunately, after being ignored by the cats at the cafe because y'know, cats... She went onto facebook using the cat cafe's laptop and proceeded to facebook instead. 
After our hour was up, we ended up wandering Ikebukuro for a bit more, eventually heading to an arcade where she made a comment that the UFO catching machines seemed really easy. So easy in fact that...
And with that, the first day in Tokyo came to a close. Coming next, Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea.