Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Japan 2013 #1

Been spending the last few days in Japan and will be here till the 19th at least. Also it's been raining a lot. Curses. 
I've mostly travelled to Osaka and Kyoto so far. It's surprising how the trip's been turning out so far. When you plan these trips, you have all these plans about where you want to go and what you want to do in a day. But when it actually comes to it, you end up doing far less than you expected.

On the first day, we arrived at Osaka at like 3...thanks to transferring trains from Tokyo Narita airport. We ended up being too shagged to do much so we walked along the main shopping street near us and somehow we ended up in Nipponbashi or otherwise known as Den-Den Town; the Akihabara of Osaka. And then I ended up with these...
Yep. A lot of Star Wars collectibles, such as Falcon ice cube tray, Han Solo Ice cube tray and Darth Vader namecard holder. I really really like the namecard holder. Now, finally a reason to have a namecard holder.

Then the next day was spent touring around Universal Studios Osaka. Was pretty fun except that rain in the afternoon put a damper on everything. Plus there were a lot of people that day, probably because it was the last day of Halloween Horror Nights for the Osaka Studios. You also got to see a lot of people dressing up too in costumes for it. 



While I was there, I was wondering why theme parks don't just allocate a number like Post Offices or government offices do , with an indication of how long it would take to reach that number and then just let people walk off without having to queue up for 2-3 hours for a single ride. It seems like it would be way more convenient. Although I sort of understand why not when I was riding the ferris wheel and saw the size of Universal Studios Osaka. It's not that big and it's probably a decision made so that people won't wander around the theme park at will because they would finish exploring the theme park pretty quickly. So if you confine them in a certain area for hours, it makes the theme park seem much bigger plus it increases the chances they'll come back because they haven't finished seeing everything. 
Then at night, the Halloween Horror show started. All I can say is that if there was EVER a zombie attack in Japan, the japanese are pretty fucked. They scream and run at everything. Even when it's not that scary. And that was day 1-2 of the trip.