Thursday, 2 January 2014

2013 in Perspective

So 2013 has come and gone. And the world didn't end. Again. 
So what are my resolutions for the new year? Well, I'm going to carry on one of the ones I made in the last year, which was to make people laugh. I'm not comedian, though many have called me a joke(r), but some wit and an incredibly lame sense of humor *puns* have helped me to needle some laughs out of people before. Plus funny cat pics. 

Anyway, one of my resolutions was to try and cheer people up whenever I could, maybe make people laugh a bit a day. Why? Uh, why not? I mean, there's really nothing wrong with making people laugh and I don't need to make a lot of people laugh. Just one a day is good enough. That would be 365 people I've cheered up a year. Well, I don't think I managed to hit the target every day, though there were days I've made multiple people laugh, so that's that. 

My newer resolution for the year though is to lose some weight. Sadly, I've been packing on some poundage and I need to stop that, get fit and slim down. 

As for 2013, it was a pretty decent year. The economy still hasn't recovered so business still hasn't picked up as much as I would like but when you can't expand deeper, you end up having to expand sideways. Which helped. 

Surprisingly, I'm still doing a fair bit of writing for the blog. I used to have several blogs, but I think this is the longest lasting one yet. Doesn't hurt that I kind of have a clear idea of what to write for this blog; which is mostly 50% batreps and 50% other crap. As for how much crap there is, I have a total of 322 posts (probably 323 with this one...) and only 156 are Warmachine related. That's a lot of posts for a blog that's only about a year++ old. I probably have way too much time on my hands. 

Overall, 2013 was a pretty good year. It had its ups and downs, but hopefully had more ups than downs. Or as google likes to put it, here's my year in summary. With the magic of Google+ Autoawesome. Yes, this post was partially made to showcase this -_- Sadly, most of the pics are just photos of my Japan trip, which makes me think I need more to do during the rest of the year. 
In the end, what am I looking forward to in the new year? Well, hopefully either visiting Gencon or SDCC, though either is uncertain at the moment. Still, I'd like to visit an American games/comics Con just once for the experience. Also, hopefully I get to go skiing again. And also SSBU. 

This. So much this. If someone gave me a time machine, I would be tempted to go into the future of 2014 so I could GET copies of this and bring it back to the present. Just so I could play it.