Friday, 17 January 2014

Harbinger vs Terminus

Slightly behind on my batrepping due to being in Germany.


Errants with UA
Covenant of Menoth
Rhupert Carvolo
Bastion Seneschal
Darton Vilmon
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth


Bane thralls with UA
Darragh Wrathe
Withershadow combine
Bile thralls
Machine Wraith
Madelyn Corbeau

That's a lot of models...Anyway, this was played back when SR2014 hadn't come out yet. So this is SR2013 #11. I end up going 2nd. 

Turn 1
-Thanks to the impassable terrain right in front, the mechanithralls can't quite hit the edge of the right zone. Even with running and Darragh Wrathes ability. One of them does manage to skirt the edge though. So now it'll really depend on how well my opponent makes his tough rolls. Terminus casts malediction and charges up. The bane thralls head towards the left zone. 
+1 focus to Reckoner and 1 to Vanquisher. Bastions run up the right. Errants make a mistake and run up to the left zone. Reckoner and Vanquisher both run up. Vassals give them enliven. Vilmon goes up the right zone while the other paladin goes up the left. Harbinger grabs a focus from a wrack, charges up and feats.

Turn 2
-His reaper moves up into the left zone to contest it. The rest of his units stay where they are while the withershadow skirt the edge of my control area. 
+3 focus to Reckoner and 1 to Vanquisher. The choir sings battle. The vanquisher shoots the mechanithrall in the zone and kills it. The Reckoner charges and kills the objective. I gain 1 CP. Bastions spread out. Harbinger dominates the zone for 2CP, leaving me at 3. Rhupert gives the errants tough. I make a mistake here and forget the fact that I can't damage the 2nd objective once I've hurt the first and charge my errants into it and the bane thralls. Whoops. Derp, now I've overextended my errants. Vassals give the Vanquisher enliven and ancillary attack and it shoots more fire onto the mechanithralls. Paladins walk up and say they can only be affected by magical. 

Turn 3
-Terminus feats and Bile thralls purge a fair bit of my front line errants away while the bane thralls take care of more of them. The mechanithralls swarm my zone but miss my reckoner on 2 attacks, leaving me alive. 
+I still have a chance to win this. I give 1 focus to Reckoner and 2 to Vanquisher. My plan is to try and trample forward with the Reckoner, clear a fair number of the mechanithralls clustered around the area, kill the rest with the Vanquisher/Bastions and hope to Cataclysm the rest with Harbinger. This would let me dominate the rest of the zone for 2CP which would let me win. However, I misjudge the trample distance and I'm about 0.2" short hence I end up not moving at all. Derp. I try my best to clear the area with my remaining plan but even after Cataclysming with Harbinger 2x, there's still TWO mechanithralls in zone. One of which made several tough rolls. And I'm dry on focus too. My errants are too far to be able to help me clear the zone.

Turn 4
-Terminus charges up and assassinates Harbinger. 

Thoughts on game
Well, this was pretty badly played overall. If I had kept my errants together with my army and just swarmed the zone, I probably could have won since I probably would have been able to clear the zone with quickwork+ charge. Or at least not over extended them so far due to me forgetting I can't harm the 2nd objective and me being greedy about wanting 1 more CP... That was a pretty derp moment for me when I realised it couldn't be harmed.

I suppose I could have tried to hang back a bit more but as it was, I saw myself being overwhelmed if the game continued hence I tried to end it with a pretty risky scenario play. Overall, a pretty good game though.