Friday, 10 January 2014

Itacho Sushi

Plaza Singapura, #02-35

You usually see a long queue of people outside this restaurant. Is it worth it though?
I would generally say no. Okay, here's the thing. It's a place that supposedly specialises in Sushi and it shows. 90% of the menu is sushi in one form or another. However, the sushi served there is quite frankly, decent but not great. It might just be me because I'm biased after having been to Japan so many times but I can't really call the sushi served here fantastic. Which then brings me to another issue, price. Most other places here; and even most places in Japan, sell sushi in pairs. You can't order a single of anything. It must always be a double. However, Itacho doesn't. 

Now some might say this is because they want you to be able to order it in whatever quantity you want. I say it's more likely because if they just doubled the price of their sushi and made that the minimum order, no one would go there. It's like how you think something is cheap but then when you go and buy it, you get told oh, we have to add this and that and the cost suddenly balloons up. That's kind of like the normal experience eating at Itacho Sushi. 

I went there with a couple of people. I ordered Sushi while they ordered dons. Really, I should have ordered the don. It would probably have been more filling...So back to the sushi. Decent but seriously, it's somewhat overpriced. 

That alone would have been okay if it wasn't for the fact that Itacho charges you for water. Yes. Water. I'm not really sure who started this trend but I would love to punch the jacknapes who came up with this idea. Keep in mind they're not exactly serving us mineral water here. They're serving us tap water and charging for it. Some people think that's ok while others think that's a jackass thing to do. I, unfortunately, am in the latter. To be very honest, how much do they spend giving customers tap water that they feel the need to charge 1SGD for it? It's just another case of nickel and dime-ing customers for no reason at all. I guess they've learned from the best; our PAP government. 

As such, no matter how good the food is here, I have to say that overall, I would not visit this restaurant again. Nor would I recommend going here.