Monday, 27 January 2014

Kraye vs Ravyn

So....2 MHSF with UAs....FML


Stormsmith caller
Stormsmith caller
Stormsmith caller
Journeyman Warcaster


MHSF with UA
MHSF with UA
Invictors with UA
Fane Knight Skeryth Issyen

So ...2 MHSFs? With extra UA from the tier benefit? Um...yay -_- We play SR2014 Scenario #11 and I go 1st. My Stormwall is deployed in the centre so that he can charge up towards the opponents objective if needed. My fireflies are deployed wrongly (more on this later) but the rest of my troop deployment seem fairly correct. 

Turn 1
-1 focus to each of my jacks. Boomhowlers sing 4+ tough and run up towards the zone to contest it later. Firefly 1 runs up the left side and Firefly 2 runs up the right side. However, I do not run them diagonally enough. Stormwall runs up the center. I'm wondering about his Hyperion and it's potential danger to me. Plus the two units of MHSFs...Arcane shield goes onto Kraye. Kraye casts full tilt on the Stormclad and walks off to the edge. There's no Kill Box in this scenario so I can be as far back as I want. Stormclad runs all the way up the front, staying in front of the Stormwall. My plan is to have the stormclad take the first wave if need be or get the alpha strike on the Hyperion somehow if he lets me. Stormsmith callers run up, with one going left, the other right and the last one center but stay further behind so they don't get hit by MHSF. 

+His left MHSF unit moves up and takes a few pot shots at the Stormclad but a lot of his shots bounce off and a few even miss. They also shoot at the Firefly. Ravyn walks up and casts Snipe on the right MHSF and they walk up and shoot at the firefly and boomhowlers. They really should concentrate more on my firefly but they don't like the boomhowlers for some reason. A lot of their shots either bounce off boomhowler armor or I make my 4+ tough. However, my firefly is pretty badly damage. No systems down but I've lost maybe 1/3 my hp already. Hyperion walks up but is blocked by all his MHSFs and tries to shoot the stormclad and misses. Always always boost when you want to hit. It drifts and he boosts the damage roll on the stormclad. Does maybe 1-2 points of damage and that's it. The invictors run around to surround the Hyperion. 

Turn 2
-I'm pretty sure his Hyperion is within charge range of a full-tilted Stormclad. I upkeep fulltilt, get a focus from the Squire. I give 3 to the Stormclad and keep the rest. I move with kraye onto a hill and feat, making sure I catch everyone within my control area. Stormclad charges into the Hyperion, impacting into 3 MHSF and killing them all. Then it wallops the Hyperion. Unfortunately I'm out of reach with my buckler for everyone so my sword will have to do. The extra electroleap helps kill some invictors nearby even though I have to roll 8s to kill them. End result, I cripple the Hyperions left arm and it's left with 1 box in the left grid. Boomhowlers declare 4+ tough and charge where possible and run where possible. I really want to tie up his MHSF in melee but apparently their mat is as good as their rat and my def is STILL only 12. -_- Meaning they hit me on average rolls. Still, better than shooting my warjacks. My firefly on the left charges and misses. My firefly on the right walks up and then light cav moves up some more. My stormwall walks up, fires a few big shots at the Hyperion since I can't target the objective yet and then lays down covering fire and a pod. My stormsmith callers then triangulate using the fireflies and pods. But due to bad placement on my part, I don't get enough. 
+3 focus to Hyperion. He upkeeps vortex of destruction and Snipe. Hyperion activates and tries to kill Stormclad. It actually misses and rolls badly for its damage rolls. End result? Stormclad is still alive. With 2 HP, which funnily enough, means its left and right arm are still up. It just can't get any focus or charge. MHSF on the left shoots my left firefly to death. MHSF on the right shoots my right firefly where possible and hits the boomhowlers where not. The fane knight charges the firefly and...misses. 2nd attack hits but somehow I'm still alive. What??? Invictors walk up and try to shoot the boomhowlers and firefly. End result, I have 1 severely damaged firefly and 1 dead firefly. 

Turn 3
-Now I can start scoring points. 3 focus to Stormwall and I drop fulltilt and Arcane shield. Stormclad whacks the Hyperion again and deals more damage. Arcane Shield goes onto the Stormwall. Stormwall moves up shoots the objective with its miniguns and I roll amazing for it. I get 4 shots in total and it's at minus 6 and I roll 6,5 for 3 of them. And this is using my opponents dice to boot. I'm probably using up all his dice luck. Anyway, I shoot Hyperion to death with the big Guns as well and lay down another stormpod. Stormsmith callers walk up to triangulate again, killing more MHSF. Boomhowlers sing 4+ tough and walk up and CMA wherever possible, killing some MHSF in the process. I score 1 CP for the destruction of the objective.
+Ravyn upkeeps vortex of destruction. At this point, he's just begging for me to kill him. He walks up and kills more some boomhowlers. His invictors walk up and start shooting the stormwall and boomhowlers but with arcane shield on the Stormwall, it's a tough nut to crack. And I make a lot of 4+ tough rolls. His fane knight kills off my last firefly. 

Turn 4
-I drop arcane shield, 3 focus goes to Stormwall. Arcane shield goes onto Kraye. Kraye runs to score the flag. Boomhowlers sing 4+ tough and charge Ravyn and CMA but she's left with 1hp. Stormwall moves up and shoots some units since I don't think I can hit Ravyn while she's engaged in melee. Or at least, it's too risky for me. Plus I am going to get 1 CP from dominating the flag anyway. Stormsmiths do more triangulations. I end up getting 2/5CP
+He tries to go for a last minute assassination. He feats, casts snipe on the surviving MHSF unit and they walk away, taking several freestrikes in the process to try and gain range on Kraye. Unfortunately, most of them are still too far and the one that's in range bounces off his armor. At this point, it's almost certain GG for him but he tries one more time with the invictors. Nope, Kraye's still alive and very healthy. I gain 1CP for the flag, leaving me at 3/5

Turn 5
-I try to kill the last remaining MHSF in the zone so I can try to control it but fail to. With that option closed, I CMA Ravyn and manage to kill her. 

Thoughts on game
Well, I was telling my opponent after the game that maybe 2 MHSFs weren't such a great idea after all. Granted, they did a fair number on my light jacks but it seems like they're lacking in the ability to deal with normal infantry, such as my boomhowlers. Also, no Kill Box meant I could just camp out of their range. I felt he lacked some heavy hitting options, instead putting all his eggs into the Hyperion basket. But I guess there's some restrictions to the tier list. 

Made a huge mistake with the Fireflies. Really, they should have started at the different edges of my deployment zone so that one would be on the extreme right and the other on the extreme left. This would let me move them up with light cav movement and let me triangulate a MUCH larger area. Instead, my stormsmiths were stuck triangulating one or maybe 2 guys with each call. 2 isn't so bad but only triangulating 1 is such a waste when you have a triangle to call off from.  To be fair, probably only going to use 1 in the future and try and take more infantry.