Friday, 3 January 2014

Harbinger vs eHaley

My dreaded Nemesis, we meet again....


Bastion Seneschal
Covenant of Menoth
Errants with UA
Rhupert Carvolo
Darton Vilmon
Paladin of the Wall
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth


ATGM with UA
Stormsmith caller
Stormsmith caller
Stormsmith caller
Journeyman Warcaster
Arlan Strangewayes
Aiyana and Holt

So...Harbinger vs eHaley. Cheese vs Cheese. Yum...-_- To be fairly honest, I'm not too sure how I'm going to deal with that Stormwall right there. My errants are deployed up front to try and claim his zone or block him while my bastions are centered to go up and contest my zone. Both jacks are split between left/right so as to support either unit. Same with the paladins. He goes first and we play Scenario #6. Bond is on Stormwall. 

Turn 1
-1 focus to Stormwall and 1 to Lancer.Forgeguard runs up the right to his zone. The callers split up, with one going in the center, one to the left and one to the right. Stormwall runs up and camps behind the objective for some reason. Lancer runs up to beside Stormwall. ATGM camp behind Stormwall. Haley casts deflection and charges up to one of the errants but fails charge. Squire casts Arcane shield on Haley. 
+1 focus to Reckoner and 1 to Vanquisher. Errants run up into his zone on the right. Reckoner follows behind. Vanquisher runs up the left, towards my zone. Vilmon walks up behind and says he can only be hurt by magic. Choir walk up and say no shooting unless magical. Vassals walk up and enliven the jacks. Rhupert gives the errants tough. Book walks up and says no KD. Harbinger feats and fail charges an errant. Hierophant runs up. 

Turn 2
-He would love nothing more than for his stormwall to trample over and smack Harbinger to death but unfortunately, he's being blocked by his own objective. So, no. He gives 1 focus to Stormwall and 1 to Lancer. He upkeeps Arcane shield on eHaley. eHaley draws a focus from the Squire. Stormwall runs into his own zone to contest. Which is a good move because I probably could have killed anything else he moved into the zone. eHaley walks up and feats, taking the pow14 in the process and casts deceleration. But I roll pretty badly so nothing happens. His lancer runs up to my zone to contest. He's played against me enough that he knows if he doesn't do that, I WILL go and dominate my own zone. The rest of his units pretty much don't move from their spot. Or walk backwards in some cases. 
+So most of my units are caught in his feat. Reckoner gets 2 focus. My errants sandwich his Stormwall so it can't move/trample up. Vanquisher walks up into the zone, sacrificing action. Reckoner shoots the Stormwall and boosts to hit and damage. Bastions activate and move up. Harbinger moves backwards behind her objective. I don't purify cause there's no need to. The paladins say they can only be affected by magic. Choir sings battle. Rhupert gives the errants tough. Book says no KD. THEN finally, non-caughtinfeat units move. My vassal gives the Reckoner enliven and the other one gives the Vanquisher Ancillary attack. It's 10 to hit but I hit. The Lancer is on fire and takes a fair bit of damage. 

Turn 3
-Well, that was a waste of turn. For both of us. His Lancer is on fire and takes damage. He gives 4 focus to Stormwall (which turns out to be useless...) The forgeguard charge the errants but between tough rolls and self-sac, it doesn't help him much. Aiyana gives the Stormwall magical weapons (probably for shooting the paladin)His stormwall activates and places a stormpod which then proceeds to bounce off the Errants armor. Then he forgets to take the rest of its activation, activating the Stormsmith callers to try and stormcall but either he rolls high for skill checks or he rolls low for damage. Or I tough it out. He kills maybe 1 errant with the stormcalls. It's not good for him and the pressure of the deathclock may be getting to him even though we have 30++ mins left on the clock. Each. Haley activates and TKs the Vanquisher through the Lancer so his back is facing them now.  She casts deadeye on the ATGM. The Lancer walks further into the forest.The ATGM split up and try to shoot the errants and the Vanquisher. Not enough critical brutals were made. Arcane shield is switched to the Stormwall.
+2 focus to Vanquisher. 3 focus to Reckoner. Hierophant gives the Harbinger minus 1 to spellcost. I draw focus from the Wrack, cast crusaders call and purifcation and then move to control my zone. The choir sings battle on the warjacks. The Vanquisher pumps 1 shots into the Lancer and kill it with boosted damage rolls and the ancillary attack hits Aiyana and pretty much gibs her. Errants charge the Stormwall and I actually miss with one but the rest give me pretty good damage rolls. I think I actually roll a 6,6,6,4 on one charge damage roll. The vassal gives the Reckoner enliven and it charges up. I'm not sure if I can kill it but if I don't, I want my reckoner to be able to walk away. It kills the Stormwall. The paladins both say they can't be affected by non-magical attacks and get +5 ARM. I really should have run Vilmon over actually at this point, to his zone to try and control it since my zone is pretty clear now.  Rhupert sings tough on the errants and book walks up and says no KD. My Bastions start trudging through the forest to get to his zone. I get 1 CP.

Turn 4
-No more Stormwall, no more lancer. It's a losing battle he's fighting now and it's going to be insanely hard to win this for him. He knows this but fights on anyway. The forgeguard go into my errants, killing plenty more this time. Arlan sprays the errants. The stormsmith callers call down more lightning but the results aren't much better. They do disrupt my Reckoner though and I manage to enliven away when his roll explodes. Haley casts deceleration and camps behind a wall. The ATGM run into my zone to contest. Journeyman recasts Arcane shield on Haley. 
+3 focus to Vanquisher. Choir sings battle. Vanquisher threshers some ATGM and boosts to hit on the two of them, killing them. Vassal then gives it ancillary attack onto the objective. Bastions charge the objective, but I flub my damage rolls. Errants get tough from Rhupert and continue dishing out the hurt onto the forgeguard. Somehow I bounce off their armor this time. Derp. Book walks up and says no KD. Vassal gives the Reckoner enliven again. The reckoner walks around and shoots a Forgeguard, killing it. Vilmon finally decides to run across to the enemies zone so I can contest it better. Other paladin gives up both movement and action to gain +5 ARM and non-magical immunity. Harbinger stays where she is to gain another CP, bringing me to 2. 
Turn 5
-Forgeguard continue smacking down on the errants and charge the Reckoner as well, who enlivens away after taking the damage. . He doesn't send anymore ATGM to try and contest my zone, deeming it a useless effort. Instead, he spends all his effort to try and clear his zone, but the errants are insanely hard to clear. He disrupts the Reckoner again. eHaley continues casting deceleration. I gain 1 CP for dominating, leaving me at 3. 
+2 focus to Vanquisher. Choir sings battle. Vanquisher shoots the objective 2x with an ancillary attack from the Vassal, killing it. I gain 1CP from that. I rack up as many KP as I can by killing some of his units and then end with Harbinger in the zone, dominating it. That brings me up to 5 and victory. 

Thoughts on game
Was a pretty tough game but my opponent got too hasty and forgot to activate his Stormwall fully.  Without that, it would have been a MUCH much much much more tougher game. To be fair though, he didn't ask for any takebacks, which is a good mentality to have. He probably couldn't have chewed through my errants wholesale but he would have hurt a lot of them; barring insane tough rolls on my part, which meant his stormwall probably wouldn't have died next turn but would still have been heavily crippled. It also meant that he could have tried to kill the Paladin of the wall which basically blocked him from dominating his own zone at the moment.  Although really, I was still in position to matrydom most of the errants and Paladin with Harbinger so it's hard to say if I would have lost much between tough + matyrdom. Nonetheless, his mistake really punished him, as did losing his Lancer.  Although the biggest mistake was probably placing his stormwall so it was blocked by his objective and couldn't trample me or come over and shoot me to death on turn 2.