Saturday, 22 June 2013

eVlad vs Borka

This will actually be my first time using eVlad although I've had practice his p and 3 version.


Kayazy Eliminators
Winterguard Mortar
Winterguard Mortar
Min. Uhlans

-Slag troll

Fennblades with UA
Fellcaller Hero
Sons of Bragg

I win deployment so I end up going first. The scenario is 12; Fire Support. Even more interesting, this has a killbox. I may have gone overboard with the doomreavers in this list though. But everything was planned for Vlad's feat and spells

Turn 1
-Doomies run up, with one taking the right flank, towards his objective while the other goes up the left flank, towards my flag. Uhlans move up to just behind them and pass their CMD check. Eliminators run up the far right flank. Mortar crew run up to behind the Uhlans, but making sure to stay away from the doom reavers abomination bubble. Vlad casts assail, transference and hand of fate on the Uhlans. Spriggan can now charge further than it can run and charges towards the fennblades but fails charge. 
+Fennblades run up to their objective and contact my doomreavers but pass their command check. Borka casts IF on them and walks up the center. Impaler walks up the center as well and gives the bomber snipe. Bomber moves up and shoots its bombs at the doomreavers on the left, killing 2 with its two bombs. Slag troll walks up the left flank and misses with its corrosive spit. Sons of bragg move up behind the bomber and slag troll.

Turn 2
-I upkeep all spells. Time to feat. Vlad moves up and feats, catching everyone but the eliminators in his feat. I roll a d6 and get a 5. This means I will affect 6 models in my control area. I choose to benefit the full unit of 4 doomreavers on the left and 2 of the doomies on the right. I'm hoping to be able to kill the bomber but to do that I need to make sure the fennblade on the very edge of the forest dies because it's blocking my charge lane. Mortar crew activates and fires at the fennblades, killing maybe 2 with deviated AOEs. Left doomies activate first and I move one of the superdoomies away from the fennblade next to him; while keeping within 2" and moving through the forest. It's enough tor reach the fennblade blocking the charge lane. The other superdoomie walks up towards the fennblades in the center while the rest spread out. Just to make sure, I boost the attack roll with transference. I hit it but it makes its tough. That's okay, it's KD and can no longer perform freestrikes. Second superdoomie kills both fennblades next to him. Now for the super doomreaver squad on the left. 3 of them charge the bomber while one charges the slagtroll. 2 doomreavers of doom later, the bomber is dead and I have to make a berserk attack. Which I do on the downed fennblade nearby, which makes its tough roll again... The 3rd doomreaver which charged the bomber now has to switch targets. I make it against the fellcaller hero; which was originally my initial plan since I expected the bomber to only die after 3 doomreavers, boost the attack and damage rolls with transference, kill it and then hit Borka who's right next to me. Boost the attack and damage rolls again and I deal 15 damage to  him. He chooses to take it. Last doomreaver downs the slagtrolls spirit. Uhlans move up so that they're within 4" of my flag in case anything happens and I need to contest it. Spriggan charges up again and fails charge again. I'm really only doing this because I charge further than I run. Eliminators run up all the way on the right flank so I can hit him from behind later.
+So I've killed his fellcaller hero, which was essential and his bomber. His fennblades trigger vengeance and try to kill my doomreavers. They kill some but miss the super doomies from the right squad because they need 10s to hit. He drops IF on them. During their turn, fennblades charge/run. They manage to kill 3 doomreavers but fail to kill the Uhlans contesting or the eliminators. The sons of bragg go up to kill the doomreavers but miss one, which leaves Borka to eliminate it himself.  His slag troll walks up and shoots at the objective but since his spirit is down, he can't force himself to boost or get another shot. 

Turn 3
-I upkeep all spells and give a focus to the Spriggan. Mortars go first and shoot the objective. Thankfully it's immobile so I don't miss. The pow16s do a fair bit of damage to the armor 18 objective. My doomreavers mop up the fennblades where possible, using Vlads transference to boost melee attacks where needed. I mop up all but 5 of them but a triggered berserk ends up killing the objective with a boosted damage roll. The uhlans decide to impact/charge the fennblades. Since I had one further back than the front 2, I use that first. I impact the fennblade blocking my other 2 uhans and kill it. My 2nd and 3rd Uhlans can then move onto their charge targets, which they also kill. My eliminators run towards his impaler and engages it while I try to keep 9" away from each other thanks to the nasty spray from the sons of Bragg. Spriggan charges up, hits a fennblade with his shield, kills it, uses his spear to kill another fennblade within 2" and there's only 1 fennblade left. Vlad runs all the way to the flag and dominates it. I'm now 3 points up. My opponent concedes because at this point, he's going to be very hard pressed to stop me from just scoring another 2 points during my turn or the turn after that. 

Thoughts on game
Vlad2's feat is a beast, which I kind of knew from the one time it was used on me. But still, it feels really good to be on the other end of a feated Super doomreaver rush down this time. Still feel like I'm lacking in bodies to throw at the enemy though, with only 2 squads of doomreavers and a min. unit of Uhlans. May end up switching the Uhlans out for something else.