Monday, 20 February 2012

Aquarion Evol #8

Stripping for great justice!

Aquarion Evol episode 8 is....weird to say the least. I can understand why producers and directors put fanservice into anime but I wish they wouldn't do it in such a ridiculous way. Stripping so you can dodge missiles better? Right....

Mix once again proves why I really really don't like her. There's a difference between being an Ice Queen and a bitch; and Mix sorta falls into the latter category. But then so do many anime tsunderes nowadays *coughKirinocough*. It's yet to be seen if her inevitable 'defrosting' will improve my impression of her in any way (I'm betting not). She also sort of reminds me of Nanase from Macross Frontier, who was also another useless character and remained so throughout the entire show. 

Andy needs to stop having this unnatural obsession with holes. I understand the whole hole = female innuendo the show has been pushing but seriously Andy, classes are now CO-ED. For some one who's been so gung-ho about interacting with girls, we seem to see him spend more time DIGGING holes instead of trying to pick up the chicks that are now in the same class as him.

Zessica does more teasing of Amata; a lot like how Sheryl teased Alto in the beginning of Macross Frontier. Why he bothers with Mikono when Zessica is in front of him, I have NO idea. However, it does seem like she eventually starts feeling something for him at the end of episode 8.

Dere Zessica

Also surprisingly, Kagura DOES seem to have some feelings towards Mikono as when touma-lookalike taunts him about Mikono being hurt, he seems genuinely upset/hurt which seems to indicate he DOES see her as a person and not just a 'possession' or a thing. Otherwise he would just be getting angry someone is messing with his things. 

Meanwhile fan-theories about why Altea is abducting women proves to be true. They really don't have any women left on their home planet because a mysterious disease killed them all off. Sadly, none of the women survive a inter-dimensional teleport (while the males seem to be fine...for some reason). However, that doesn't really explain why Alicia; Amata's idol, seems to be known on BOTH Earth and Altea. Unless it's like some weird remix of Macross: DYRL where the Alteans watched her movies and become fans of her as well >_<

And I suppose the big metaphorical take-away from the episode is that basically people shouldn't be shy to expose themselves -_- No, not in that way although the whole stripping off of clothes to prove that point in the show kinda went waaaaaay overboard. But basically, there seems to be an underlying motif in Aquarion that people hide way too much of themselves. Hence the allegory of showing your true self by ....stripping. Then at the end, frog-girl shows up and buys a picture of Amata WITHOUT rendering herself invisible first by using her element power. Compare that to the beginning of episode 8 when she went invisible out of embarrassment. And once she did that, all the guys started wanting photos as well (For some reason, the girls had already gotten over that inhibition already, girls mature faster maybe in the Aquarion universe?)