Friday, 17 February 2012

Cryx Vs Khador

So I had my first match against the eGaspy list today. Didn't win it but it was interesting anyway. Could have done better but made a few mistakes along the way.

As usual, was playing a SR2012 scenairo. I won deployment and chose to go first. As you can see, our units are deployed as such. 


Gun Carriage
2x Kayazy Eliminator units
Min unit of Battle mechaniks

+bonejack *can't recall which*

Bane knights
Bile thralls
Pistol wraith
Withershadow combine

Turn 1
-I do the usual tow/sidearms shenanigans with Karchev. I move up and shoot with Behemoth/Demolisher and Guncarriage. Do not kill enough things. 
+He runs up, pops caustic mist in front of Deathjack so I can't charge. 

End of turn 1

Turn 2
-Was thinking if I should assassinate but thought it was too risky. It would have involved towing Karchev, using Kodiak to throw his deathjack into eGaspy and then shooting the shit out of him. But I deemed eGaspy to be out of the throw range of Kodiak (more than 6") Of course, in hindsight, I should have gone for it -_-. Eliminators run past his bane knights to his chicken. My FIRST mistake of the game, I thought the bane knights could only be hurt by MAGICAL weapons. I should have just cut through the bane knights with my eliminators. I wouldn't have killed a lot of them but ANY bane knight dead is a good one. GC/Behemoth do more shooting.
+Warwitch tries to make one of my eliminators hit the other. Fails. Chicken walks away and takes a freestrike. Doesn't do enough damage. Rest of units run up. Bloodgorgers charge eliminators and WHIFF EVERY SINGLE roll. Eliminators live. He parasites my GC and my GC dies to the bane knights. He pops MORE caustic mist again, blocking my LOS.

End of Turn 2

Turn 3
- Eliminators pass horror checks, they run to Gerlag and kill him. Other eliminators decide to kill the warwitch siren for making them turn on each other. This is where I make my 2nd mistake. I shouldn't have camped focus this round as it left me open to a charge from the bane knights. Anyway, BB shoots. 
+ His bile thralls kill off 1 pair of eliminators. His bane knights charge BB but don't manage to kill him. Bloodgorgers run

End of turn 3
Turn 4
-I decide to risk it all and fail horribly. I think the picture kinda says the whole picture. I tow/trample with Karchev, kill deathjack and then I get killed by his bane knights + feat on his turn. GG

A sad day for Karchev

Thoughts on game: Basically, lots of mistakes on my part such as thinking ghostly meant could only be hurt by magical weapons >_< Also, I should not have camped against them on turn 2. I should have taken my army and gone to the bloodgorgers side. Sure, I would contact them but I doubt they can stop or assassinate Karchev and his wall of steel since the bane knights were still on the other side of the map. 

I've discovered there are some armies where camping with Karchev + sidearms works really really well and some where you have to go stomp one side of his army first to win. I should have taken the 2nd turn assasination vector on the chance I could have ended the game then. It would have been risky, but would have been very satisfying. 

Also, Kayazy eliminators actually killed somethings this turn (bonejack + gerlag) so that's good. Otoh, GC did nothing. 

In the end, I don't think this was an 'unwinnable' game and I really could have done better. All lessons to be put to future use.