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SW RPG Transcript 18/2/2012

In which many plans are formed...and then ignored.
Dramatis Personae

Kelwynn Young, human smuggler and pilot extraordinare! Ex-owner of the Corellian Light Freighter "Invariably Successful Under All Circumstances" which got 'repossessed' by Imperial forces. 

Hiara shak (hiara'shak),twilek noble and daughter of a prominent slave trader in coruscant. She's out to have fun and try out new things. Towards that purpose, she has hired some tough looking guys to try out bounty hunting along with her friend, Alicia.

Alicia; human female noble. Ditz in the worst possible way.

RC-1148, 'Prime'. Soldier. Republic Clone Commando, leader of Gamma Squad. Engaged with Separatist forces on Fellucia when Order 66 was issued. Refused to follow orders due to morality conflict. Killed squad mates when they refused to follow his orders to stand-down. Now a fugitive and on the run. Currently serving as a mercenary.

Zuul; human scout. Enlisted in the army after the clone wars but dropped out of boot camp as he found military life not to be to his liking.

The scenario so far: Being the first session, not much has happened. The group consists of 5 members, 1 human noble, 1 twilek noble, 1 scoundrel, 1 scout and 1 soldier. The background info for the party is that the 2 nobles have started their own adventuring group to have some 'fun' and thus have hired the 3 mercs. They are supposed to meet on Alderaan, at the Mos Alderaan cantina. 

Members of group go to cantina to meet their employer, Alicia(the human noble). Hiara is not present yet

Alicia *to bartender*: so...what does a person do for work around here? *probably not the best thing to say in a seedy cantina when you're a woman wearing a dress*

3 members are talking to each other. Kelwynn is bitching about how his gunship was impounded and the other 2 are commiserating with him.

Alicia: So any bounties outstanding?
BT: You don't look old enough to be hunting bounties sweetheart. But there is a gentleman over there who looks like he may need your help thinks she's a courtesan

Alicia approaches the gentleman.

3 members want to approach Alicia but soldier holds them back as he wants to wait for the full 2 employers to arrive. He's paranoid, having served in the military.

Alicia: So do you have any work for me to do?
Gentleman: Sure sweetie, how much is it?
Alicia: How much is what?Gentleman: I'll give you 20 credits if you give me a good time.

Zuul asks bartender any jobs around here, bartender points him to the gentleman. Prime walks over to the drunk gentleman

Drunk gentleman: what do you want? Can't you see I'm trying to have a good time here?

Prime reaches down and grabs him and stares at him intimidatingly. Gentleman vomits all over him. Prime gives him a punch and pushes him back. The gentleman starts crying and sobs 'boohoohoo, everything is going wrong for me today'

Prime: Man up

Hiara walks in. Notices the soldier, the drunk gentleman and the alicia.
Prime: This man was trying to rape your friend
Drunk gentleman: Rape? She's a whore! She came up to me first

Zuul asks the gentleman what's wrong. He starts sobbing and says how he lost the latest bactine sample that medicorp developed. He wanted to show it off to his fellow mad scientists but on the way back he was mugged by thugs

They ask him where he was robbed, 4 blocks away and 4 hrs earlier. They try to convince to bring him all the way. This doesn't work that well cause the scientist is a coward.
Scientist: will you protect me?
Zuul: yes
Scientist: can I hug you?
Zuul: Don't make me shoot you.

Scientist hugs Alicia. Alicia orders a drink.

Zuul, Prime, Hiara and Kelwynn go to a corner and talk to introduce themselves to their prospective boss.

Hiara: So we hired you guys so we could have some fun
Kelwynn: Hey, I don't do that kind of things! Not for money at least. I have my dignity.

Hiara: Well, I need to test you guys first
Kelwynn: Hey, I said I don't do that!

Hiara tries to seduce the scientist, who tries to hit on her. She asks why the scientist didn't try to take his stuff back from the thugs himself. He stares at her incredulously. 

Scientist: Are you kidding?? Look at me!! I'm not the 'get things back from thugs' kind of person! I'm the 'get things taken by thugs' kind of person.
Then he starts saying how he got used to it in high school.

PCs agree to take the job. The scientist takes advantage and holds both the nobles hands and leads from behind. He leads them to the alleyway where they see several thugs loitering about. Scientist shouts 'That's them! Those are the thugs who took my stuff'. Thugs turn to look. Roll initiative.

Kelwynn: 20.5
Zuul: 19
Prime: 22
Hiara: 7
Alicia: 14

thugs : 20

Prime shoots thug 1 and kills him. At the first shot, Scientist runs away screaming like a little girl.
Thugs miss all shots. Zuul sprays with auto but misses. But the damage kills them anyway.
Hiara tries to persuade them to surrender but fails horribly. 
Prime tries to stun one thug but does not do enough dmg to. Zuul fails to hit again. Alicia misses with a flame thrower. Prime stuns soldier.

Remaining thug runs away. Zuul and Kelwynn search bodies
Prime tears off the thugs body and binds him with the clothing.

PCs discuss what to do. Prime keeps the box of bactine.
Hiara draws a face on the thug with a marker and then wakes him up. He wakes up and see the two soldiers and pisses his pants. They interrogate him and demand money from him and extort him. 

Thug: Don't kill me, don't kill me.
Hiara: Give us your money!
Thug hands over 2 credits
Hiara: This is not enough!
Thug: Please don't kill me!! I'll give you my brother!

They continue threatening the thug, trying to find out if he works for anyone in particular but the thug foams at the mouth and passes out from the fear of having several heavily armed people with blaster rifles pointing at him *and who had just slaughtered most of his friends* Hiara draws 2 boobs on him before they leave.

PCs group go back to cantina to find out where the scientist lives but fail to as the scientist is not a regular. They decide to go to Medicorp in the morning and find a residence to sleep. 

In the morning at Medicorp, the receptionist greets Hiara when she comes in. They talk and hiara says they 'found' this medical box after a scientist asked them to help him retrieve. Hiara asks to see the scientist but without a name, it's hard to find the scientist as Medicorp has over 500 scientists working for them. The receptionist calls for the assistant director to come down to sort things out. 

The AD is friendly, dressed in armani power suit. They talk and he calls for his secretary to bring down a credit chip worth 2000. The secretary arrives with a kid (Kate) and they talk and how Kate doesn't want to stay up there alone. He gives them the credit chip but PCs dont trust him and want to scan the credit chip to make sure it really has 2000. Unfortunately none of them have a credit scanner -_-. AD scans it with his own personal scanner to prove to them it contains 2000credits. PCs accept and go outside the building.

PCs talk among themselves, wondering if they can get any more quests from Medicorp. Suddenly a bombing occurs at the Medicorp building; bringing it down, and Zuul is the last to go unconscious and sees all the grisly deaths/rubble. Prime wakes up first and hears conversation between 2 guards about the bombings and discovers they're all in jail.

Sometime later, guards bring them up to see the senator. The PCs are shackled while the guards escort them. The senator tells the guards to leave them alone so he can talk to them alone. He tells them that there have been a spate of bombings recently and a Senator; Bane Nihil, has been using the bombings as political fuel to push for more imperial soldiers on Alderaan. He opposes this on principle as he believes Alderaan should stay as free as possible from the Empire. He says the PCs have been arrested as they were the last people to leave the building and they're a suspicious lot but he believes their innocence. However, he can't let them go free just like that but if they could bring him the culprit, he could see about exonerating them. They agree eventually and he warns them that he has implanted something in them that would be....'unpleasant to say the least' if they try to leave the planet.

He gives them a codeword to report back to him which is  'donkeymonkey ears' He then has his guards escort them to the armory and they take back their inventory. The PCs leave the building (Alderaan senate) They search for Jeremy; the scientist and discover he's dead. They also know his background details. They want to leave to find Jeremy's apartment *at this point the GM reminds them that both the senator and guards have mentioned there were SEVERAL OTHER bombings*They also look for more info on the bombings and discover all the buildings targeted were businesses that had dealings with the empire. First, the pharmaceutical company, an arms manufacturer and a software firm. 

They think Bane is behind the bombings to get imperial troops on alderaan.

They get info on Bane and discover he comes from a very old, prestigious political family and is very conservative and war-hawkish. They also try to find if he has any links to the businesses bombed but don't find anything.  They try to find any pattern between the 3 bombings but it's all located on Alderaanian capital. They try to find more patterns/businesses that have imperial links but there are literally too many to investigate as the Empire is the main power at this time and lots of businesses have dealings with them. As they leave the public data repository, they hear a speech from Bane who's plastered on a giant holoscreen talking about how they need better security on Alderaan and how the Empire can provide that so Alderaan senate should request for more Imperial troops.

They go to Jeremy's place. Scoundrel picks the lock. Scout goes in first and gets hit by nerf missiles to the face. Jeremy has set up his place a lot like the Home Alone kid, with a lot of annoying booby traps.  Scout searches and finds a case underneath the bed and find several porno mags by the bed. They open the case thinking it's a bomb; a very tense moment, but it's a model case with several ship models *which Jeremy had mentioned he owned in the bar*. They search his computer after cracking it. He finds porn, bad poems to a girl in Medicorp and a lot of internet posts on a mad scientist forum. They try to find anything linking the mad scientist forum to the bombings but fail to. Turns out Jeremy was mostly a troll on the forums. 

They decide to head back to the scene of the most recent bombing. The building is quarantined but there are some people gathering around to take a look. 

Zuul notices a brown cloaked figure walk away into the alley. PCs apparently find this suspicious and chase. They ALL manage to stealth somehow  and see the cloaked figure goes down the sewer.

Alicia leads the way. As they walk along the sewer, they are suddenly surprised. Everyone rolls perception and only the scout does not get a surprised round

Prime: 20.5
Zuul: 20
Kelwynn: 11
Alicia: 18
Hiara: 3
Thugs: 16

Prime shoots cloaked figure, misses. Thugs down Kelwynn with a crit. 

Prime tries to shoot cloaked figure, misses again. Prime just keeps missing
Alicia tries to flame thrower a mass of scouts but fail as she's not trained in flame thrower proficiency. She does 1/2 damage but it's still not enough to kill the thugs. Thugs down Alicia. They then concentrate fire on the soldier but can not hit him.

Prime finally hits the cloaked figure. Cloaked figure reveals a green lightsaber and deflects the shot. Cloaked figure and those surviving thugs escape. PCs talk about the latest revelation and they think the cloaked figure is a jedi. Prime reveals his background; being a clone trooper who refused to follow order 66 and who had to slaughter his entire team to get away, to the party and tells them about order 66.  

End of Session 1