Saturday, 25 February 2012

Cryx vs Khador Round II

Had a rematch with eGaspy last night. My thoughts on the match can be summed up in this way. "This is the most b0rked up terrain placing EVER" I have 8 frigging AOEs with which to whittle down his forces before they reach me and because of the way the terrain is placed (ie. 2 forests with 5 inches between them) and eGaspys caustic mists, it basically means all my shooting is worth jack shit; which is ironic cause 4 of those AOEs are located on jacks. It's like that time I played against eKaya and her entire battlegroup was stealthed, but that was more understandable cause it was at least an ability and not due to very peculiarly placed forests >_<. Anyway, enough bitching, batrep below.


2x Mortars (proxied by other jacks)
2x Kayazy Eliminator units (proxied by greatbears/widowmakers)
Min unit of Battle mechaniks

+bonejack *can't recall which*

Bane knights
Bile thralls
Pistol wraith
Withershadow combine

He wins deployment, he goes first. 
Turn 1
-He runs. Pops caustic mists. I now can not see anything. His bane knights run into the forest. I can't see them. Deathjack runs into forest ALSO. 
+I run. I can't shoot anything cause I can't see anything

Green patches are forests and those AOE markers are caustic mists. See why I can't draw a LOS??

Turn 2
-He runs again. eGaspy deathknells my mechaniks and 1 unit of kayazy
+I tow/trample again to try and contest his point. Caustic mists again prevent me from shooting. I also discover the spriggan needs LOS to use his flares -_-. 

Turn 3
-He makes contact with me with his bane knights. Lots of damage taken to warjacks but nothing goes down surprisingly. 
+I beat the crap out of his bane knights before using Karchev to tow/trample to the other side of the forest. A big mistake on my part. 

Lots of bane knights
Bad mistake on my part

Turn 4
-He brings deathjack, kills demolisher. Then he feats and kills off Karchev with the feated bane knights. End of Story

Thoughts on scenario: There's really not much to say about this. I was hemmed in pretty badly and I didn't see many choices because almost every single one would have ended with me taking a charge. Either from deathjack or the bane knights. I originally wanted to try killing off all the bane knights on turn 2 but that would have left me too vulnerable to his feat. In the end, I still got killed by his feat anyway. I was originally planning on shooting the crap out of his army first before engaging but that was before the terrain was set up and I ended up having no LOS at all. I could probably have gone in and tried to control my own zone but that would have left me dangerously in front of the bane knights, which I suppose might have been a better deal. 

Also, probably not going to bother with taking the spriggan in this particular list. While flares are nice, the fact I need LOS to use them basically made them useless as well in this scenario.