Saturday, 25 February 2012

pKarchev vs eSorscha

Right. 2nd match of the night, let's hope things are better

2x Mortars (proxied by other jacks)
2x Kayazy Eliminator units (proxied by greatbears/widowmakers)
Yuri the Axe

+Beast 09
Great Bears
The winterguard deathstar with Kovnik Joe + UA + rocketeers
Min unit of Iron fangs
Kovnik Markov
Saxxon Orrik

Terrain is fairly standard this time round, although the fact my opponent doesn't have caustic mists helps as well. 

He wins initiative and has me go first so as to see where I'll place my units.

Turn 1
-I tow/trample with Karchev. I do not casts sidearms as there's nothing nearby yet. Mortar1 shoots an uhlan. Misses. Mortar2 runs. Everything else runs
+He runs as well. Kovnik Joe gives the WG tough.

End of Turn 1

Turn 2
-Mortars shoot, miss. Yuri charges, kills 2 winterguards but 1 makes his tough roll. Kayazy run up to engage his WG.
+He uses most of his WG to spray my Kayazy to death, except for 1. Beast 09 goes up to kill Yuri. 1 Iron fangs charge mortar1 while the others run into the forest. He claims a point as units below 1/2 size can't contest objectives it seems. 

End of Turn 2
Turn 3
-Kayazy runs to engage his great bears. I suck a counter-charge from Drakhun (I really forgot he had that ability...mostly because I rarely play against people who use him) but Drakhun fails to hit. Kayazy hits but fails to damage -_-. I open up with Demolisher, mortar 2, Spriggan and Behemoth. The WG are mostly wiped out. Kodiak runs up to claim a point. Karchev tows everyone into the relatively safety of the forest (to block LOS from charges) and I also spend an extra focus to kill Markov with reach. 

+eSorscha feats. This is the turn I need to survive and frankly before this, I had nfi how nasty eSorscha's feat could be. Everything goes into my units. Ragman does his deathshroud thing. 1 uhlan goes into spriggan and 1 into Karchev. Both survive. Before this I had thought I was safe from beast 09 because I was too far into the forest. However, he then pulls a very cunning trick. He uses beast 09 to charge his own uhlan which was engaged to spriggan and uses thresher. With this , he manages to his both my spriggan and the uhlan. Needless to say both die. He then tries to see if he has reach to Karchev but he's out by a hairs width. Phew. That was close. Remaining WG shoot the demolisher with a CRA. Fenris charges Karchev. TL;DR Karchev survived.  Also, the great bears backswing the  sole kayazy eliminator left on board and all of them miss -_-. He claims another point.

Turn 4
-I kill everything in my sight. I put 1 focus on BB.  I tow with Karchev just to place BB next Beast 09, unearthly rage, feat then I beat down on fenris and the uhlan next to me. Fenris dismounts out of my reach. Uhlan dies. BB beats Beast09 and kills it in 3 hits. Here's where I made a mistake. Demolisher decides to kill Fenris instead of going straight to contest his point. I should have used my mortar crew to shoot Fenris (and hopefully kill him) instead of using demolisher to do so. Anyway, Demolisher pops Fenris like a wart while mortar crew run up to contest the point. Eliminators fail to hurt the great bears.
+I totally forget the uhlan has a mount attack. Anyway, with that he manages to kill both members of the mortar crew and claim his point and win the game

Thoughts: I really need to get used to scenarios I guess. This was an interesting game and it was too bad his beast 09 was out of reach on his turn otherwise he could probably have caster-killed me. I really should have move demolisher up to contest his point but it was a bad mistake on my part. I was already planning on caster-killing Sorscha next turn if I could since I had already destroyed most of his armies ability to hurt me in any way whatsoever (except for the great bears but they would have been easy enough to kill. Or disable. 

Otoh, I went up against a list designed to crack heavy armor like an egg and I survived till the end, so I guess it's ok.