Monday, 13 February 2012

Aquarion EVOL = Macross Frontier?

After having watched episode 7 of Aquarion EVOL, I'm starting to wonder if Kawamori purposely made certain characters in EVOL very similar to characters in Frontier.

Amata = Alto
  • They're both teenagers who suddenly fell ass-backwards into piloting robots; Granted, this IS a mecha anime staple
  • They both have something they're running away from. In the case of Amata, it's his ability and in Alto's case it's his past.
  • They both 'fly'. Although ironically, Amata is running away from his flying while Alto wants to fly
Sheryl Nome
Zessica = Sheryl
  • Surprisingly, it's the green-haired girl who's the parallel for Sheryl and not Ranka.
  • She's tough on the outside but soft on the inside; as seen in episode 7
  • Both start out ambivalent towards the main lead
  • Both like teasing the main lead a lot in the beginning
  • She's undoubtedly the more assured and experienced of the two female leads in Aquarion EVOL

Mikono = Ranka
  • Who's a lot like Ranka in the sense she's shy and insecure
  • Has a protective older brother -_-
  • As of episode 7, has shown a pretty insecure side although it's nowhere near as bad as summoning an alien fleet to destroy the fleet
Right now, it's just a crack theory but it's NOT the first time Kawamori has reused character concepts. Just for fun, here's some more photos proving very ambiguous proof.

Look at the positions of the three and look at the positions of the characters in Aquarion EVOL

Oh look, it's the main lead saving a female character while in the cockpit of a mech -_- That's uncommon in a mecha anime.......