Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Persona 4 Anime

Spoilers abound.

Persona 4 has lots of issues with pacing. We're currently at episode 20 out of 25 and  So we're at episode 20 out of a 25 episode series and the game hasn't even gone into the kidnapping nor has it shown the fake final villain, the 2nd final boss or the real end boss. At this rate, I'm not sure how they will fit this into 5 episodes. I'm guessing 2 to cover the kidnapping and the fake villain. 2 to cover the real end boss and the last one to cover the final boss, with the defeat of the final boss in the last few seconds of the episode and then a cutscene and when the credits start rolling, they'll show the characters saying farewell to the protagonist as he leaves town. 

On the other hand, this frantic pacing isn't exactly new to the show. I could see it coming back in the single-digit episodes where they would cover near entire social links in 1 episode. These social links would take months to build in the game and the anime pretty much finished them in 1 episode. It's one of the things I'm quite disgruntled about with regards to the anime. 

But then again, I suppose the real problem is that they're too faithful to the source and trying to put in everything or almost everything from the game into the show, even if they have to cram it in by bastardising it. However, the end result is a slightly disjointed plot that seems to skip here and there in terms of scenes and pacing. It might have been better if they had decided to leave out certain things in an effort to make the story flow a lot better but I suppose people would have been bitching about that too so it's sort of a catch-22. 

So in the end, is the Persona 4 anime worth watching? Sure, if you're already a fan of the game since you'll know what's happening better than newcomers.