Tuesday, 12 June 2012

eIrusk vs eFeora

  Right, I was going to post something about the PS Vita but this report has been really long overdue. 


Black Dragon Fang pikemen w/ UA
Kayazy Assassins w/ underboss
Kayazy Eliminators
Great Bears
Mortar Crew

-Avatar of Menoth

Exemplar errants

Right, he wins deployment and ends up going first.

Turn 1
-He runs most of his units up
+I do as well. My mortar crew shoots at his errants with FFE on and kills 2 of them.

Turn 2
-He moves his Vanquisher up to shoot at my great bears since they're in such a nice tightly packed formation. One dies and I make tough save for another. He moves his errants backwards, probably doesn't want to lose more of them.
+My great bears get battlelust cast on them and chew through his vanquisher. Meanwhile my eliminators are running up to tie up his errants. My assassins run to tie up his jacks. 

Turn 3
-He kills many assassins and the last great bear. He uses Menoths gaze to force the assassins to move towards the Avatar. 
+I battlelust the assassins and pikemen. They put the avatar into the ground while the templar runs away thanks to some spell or effect it had that allowed it to move when damaged. 

Turn 4
-It's a slow battle at this point as my opponent pretty much just keeps advancing backwards while trying to snipe me. Feora keeps using firestep to kill some units and then teleport backwards. 
+I manage to put the templar into the ground but it's a slow move up to try and kill feora.

Turn 5
-He does the same thing as last turn. Firestepping while retreating. 
+I kill even more units. He's left with several errants and his warcaster only. 

Turn 6
-He firesteps away again.
+The remaining errants die.

Turn 7
-Firestep. Firestep.
+I finally manage to charge him but whiff on a few rolls -_- TLDR; He doesn't die. Yet.

Turn 8
-Firestep. Firestep
+I charge him again. This time I don't whiff on my rolls and he dies.

Thoughts on game
 My opponent said he was rather new to the game, having played at most 10 games. He also didn't seem happy with me whenever I exploited his mistakes to my advantage (in a totally legal way) to kill his units. He definitely wasn't happy when I refused to measure my control radius for him to see, because he felt he had a right to check it (mostly because he wanted to see if his crusader was within range of me) when I don't. How do I know that? Because I've played a harbinger player who also refused to measure his control radius for me during his feat turn and turns out players don't need to -_-

Nonetheless, I feel my opponent made one big mistake here when he chose to have his errants retreat during turn 2. This pretty much killed his forward momentum and why? Because he lost 2 of them during a mortar shelling? I would have pressed on and chosen to force me to fight on two flanks. As it was, I was able to concentrate on one flank and then force myself up. But according to him, he felt really demoralised once his vanquisher died in the 2nd turn because it was supposedly a key piece in his army (being the only piece that can set things on fire I think...) Which led to him trying to retreat and consolidate.