Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Japan Day 3

So my friend's vacation energy is waning. Might have something to do with the fact we've walked 45k+ steps in the last 3 days; according to my 3DS. He came back to the hotel to sleep it off in the afternoon. I didn't have much of a choice since I spent most of my morning doing some work-related stuff so I had to go out in the afternoon to make the most of my time here in Japan. 

So I ended up going to Akiba because I wanted to get a micro-USB cable for my phone. Turns out the one I brought over here died and I didn't have any reliable way to charge my phone except borrowing my friends cable. However, that wasn't really a permanent solution. I went to get a microUSB cable but ended up getting so much more. Turns out Akiba sells a lot of random stuff, other than just games and porn. I managed to get myself a battery charger that uses a USB cable that has a 3DS head and works for the PSP as well. 

And seriously, the maid situation in Akiba is getting out of control. It's like the number of maid cafes in Akiba is over 9000!! You can barely walk the back streets without seeing one; if not several of them standing on the streets, trying to get people to visit their cafe. The maid cafe business must be pretty cutthroat.

I also dropped by the mega Sega arcade like I usually do. Managed to play the new persona 4 fighting game, and like I guessed, it's VERY obvious it was by ARC SYSTEM. Those who have played their games before obviously know what I'm talking about -_-.

I also found something amusing in the toilets of the arcade. Apparently they have an interactive toilet which measures how ...much force your pee lands with and tells you about it as if they're reporting the weather. It's seriously wtf. Apparently I rate a typhoon....