Thursday, 14 June 2012

Trollbloods vs Khador

This is the game in which I find out eHoarluk hurts a lot. No photos for this batrep as I forgot to take them but it's pretty short anyway. 



Great Bears

-Diretroll Mauler

KrielStone bearer

I win deployment so I go first.
Turn 1
-I go up with Karchev. A bit too far up in hindsight but I haven't yet fought against eHoarluks insane threat range before so I wasn't as cautious as I could have been. I do make sure to keep my units in the forest so that its hard for the opponent to draw LOS to me.
+He feats+animus+lots of other stuff and his Mauler makes it up 17" to me. With the fury mechanic and free boosted attack rolls for everything , he nearly kills Karchev. 
Turn 2
-Mauler dies. But at this point, Karchev is very badly wounded and I didn't bring my usual squad of mechanics. My bad. I'm now effectively on the back foot. I TRY to assassinate his eHoarluk with Fenris by targetting one of the Krielstone bearers near him. I succeed but the guy makes tough which means no berserk for me. Crap. He sends Mulg up with the bond and tries to kill Fenris. Nope, misses. But this means I get to send great bears into Mulg as well but thanks to the high armor + bad die rolls, I don't really accomplish much.
+He sends Mulg up to try and Primal Shock me. Nope, he fails to kill me but does damage me even further. 
Turn 3
-Mulg dies but I make a mistake here when I allocate too much focus to Behemoth. That leaves me dry.
+Earthborn moves up to primal shock me. He finally kills Karchev. 

Thoughts on game:
I really need to work on getting the feel for Karchev again. I've been using him a bit too recklessly these few times and it shows. Several mistakes I made was a)not taking battle mechanics. All axe to face is good but it always helps to have a healer to fall back on. b)Should have charged him directly with Fenris instead of charging his krielstone. I was worried about the threat range but I saw it was long enough anyway when I finally made the charge. If I had done that, I probably could have squashed him pretty badly in that turn. c)Leaving Karchev dry on turn 3. I have this issue with overcommitting to offence and basically leaving myself dry on defence. This works well if you can screen your leader but it's Karchev with 3 jacks... Plus primal shout apparently does not need LOS to hit, which is even more against me. So no screening means I need more armor. 

On the other hand, this was also against a new player but the attitude shown here by my opponent was basically a lot more fun to play against than the newbie I played against recently.