Saturday, 23 June 2012

Khador vs Khador: Training Exercise

So I managed to get a game in last night. Didn't manage to do so last week cause I ended up playing Warhammer Invasion the whole night instead. While I can get a game of Warmachine almost weekly, it's damn rare for me to get a game of Warhammer Invasion in. So yeah, priorities -_-

Anyway, it's called a Training Exercise because we both ended up using Khador vs Khador. I thought he was going to use trollbloods but he wanted to play his Khador pVlad list. 

Khador (Me)
-Beast 09
Black Dragon Fang Pikemen + UA
Doomreavers + UA

Khador (Him)

Widowmaker marksman
Kovnik Markov
Min unit of Uhlans

Anyway, I win deployment so I get to go first. Yay....

Turn 1
-I run up.
+He shoots my IFP and doomies with his widowmakers, killing them. I'm already taking damage before I even engage him. His behemoth misses. Twice. He runs his uhlans away from Fenris and doomies. 

Turn 2
-I move up my BDFPikemen in shieldwall, expecting to take a few charges from his IFP. eButcher casts boundless charge on 3 targets. I rolled a 6 for focus this turn. This allows doomies 1 and 2 to run in and engage the widowmakers. Doomie 1 kills off 3 of them while doomie 2...fails...horribly.... Meanwhile Fenris and Beast run up to take advantage of Behemoth next turn. I run the eliminators so that is in front of Behemoth and the other are in front of the IFP chargelane. They won't block the chargelane but I'm hoping he'll try to run past them and take a couple of freestrikes. Or try to hit them and kill them which would be better than losing more of my BDFP
+He takes the bait. He charges my eliminators and CMAs them. One of them dies but the other manages to avoid their attack. Then he reforms with his minifeat. Unfortunately for him, all his IFP are now clustered together and we all know what that means ^_^. Anyway, Behemoth tramples, boosts attack on the eliminator and kills it but takes free strikes from the doomies next to it. It would have trampled through them as well but due to positioning + forest, it can only move 3.5 inches which isn't enough for it clear them. It then tries to whack the last eliminator but fails. Meanwhile the Uhlans move up to try and block a charge lane. 

Turn 3
-This is it. The kill-turn. First my doomies kill the widowmakers and try to clear the charge lane for Fenris but fail to. Then they try to take down BB and only manage to 1/2 kill him. He has like 10 boxes left. At this point I wanted to try and cast boundless charge on Fenris but my opponent reminds me he has spellward. Doh. So I cast boundless charge on eButcher instead. The extra movement makes it so that I'm just within reach of his IFP on my charge. And with them all stacked so closely...Well...Let's just say I have fun and clear out a whole squad of IFP +UA with eButcher alone. This is all on my feat turn so I at least have 12 rage tokens now to burn through. Fenris charges the lone widowmaker and kills it, adding another rage token. Beast 09 runs to be within eButchers control zone. The pikemen charge the uhlans where ever possible. They don't manage to kill anyone but thats when I start allocating rage tokens. 3 go to beast 09 who will put Behemoth to sleep. FOREVER. 3 goes to Fenris and 1 goes to the surviving Kayazy who runs to Vlad to engage him. And then 1 to 6 different IFP so they can walk up and block charge lanes and beat people. End result? All his units are dead except 1 Uhlan and pVlad. Seeing this, my opponent concedes.

Thoughts on game
I think my opponent plays Uhlans too conservatively. When he ran away with them instead of running forward to engage my Doomies or Fenris or Beast09 to tie them up, I was quite surprised. But he likes to use them as a countercharge unit but this left his widowmakers to bear the brunt of the doomies + fenris + beast 09 + eliminators which pretty much left them dead. As expected. I'm not sure the widowmakers actually made back their point cost. Which is a pity cause they're a very effective and deadly unit. 

eButcher as usual is fun to play, especially against units like IFP who have to stick close together usually to get shieldwall. Although I dont think he realised just how ravager + homicidal maniac works so well together. Because of that synergy, I was able to clear out one whole front which left me in a much more superior position. Even without the feat, things would have been sorely in my favor.