Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Japan Day 4

So my fair has started. Which means I'll be working from 10am to 6pm everyday until Friday. Which means less time to wander around Japan.

Turns out today was some AKB48 election, where they elect the most popular member. Mostly by having their fans send in votes and whoever gets the most votes wins. My friend was asking me who I supported and I mentioned Tomomi. Why? Because she's appeared in Kamen Rider W, which is the ONLY reason I know of her. So that's the one way to win my vote in most things, appear in Kamen Rider. 

We ended up going to Shinjuku after work for dinner. But on the way, we decided to walk to Shibuya from Shinjuku because Shinjuku was kinda boring. Big mistake. It took us 1.5 hrs to walk from Shinjuku to Shibuya, mostly because 1/2 the time we weren't sure where we were going. Considering none of us had a map and we only had a general direction...

Nonetheless, we eventually made it there. We walked around for a while, trying to decide on a place to eat. While there, I finally managed to 'persuade' my friend to buy a PS Vita. Hohoho.

We finally decided on a ramen place I had eaten at the other time. Mostly because I couldn't be bothered to walk much further. While eating there though, I got really freaked out by the woman next to me. I was eating my ramen and talking with my friend about trivial stuff; something about how I like to eat spicy stuff while the other people he knows don't, and then I turn and I find the woman sitting next to me (with who I assume is her bf right next to her) leaning in to me and staring really really closely at me (or my food). I was somewhat taken aback to find someone that IN my own personal space since I have issues with people touching me. Sure, she was pretty in a ragged sort of way but she just gave off HUGE yandere vibes. I cautiously turned back to my food and continued on having my conversation with my friend while her boyfriend kept going on about how 'umai' (delicious) the food was.