Friday, 1 June 2012

Diablo III

So, Diablo III has been out for 2 weeks now and I've already gotten to lvl 60 on one character and been hacked once (it's all the rage apparently...mostly on my side) It's also been where I've been spending my free time the past few weeks, instead of painting/modelling. 

So what do I think of D3? Well, it's a fun game but it has more than its fair share of bugs; despite what Blizzard and their fanboys may say. The first is with regards to their servers. Seriously Blizzard, wtf is up with your servers? We'll ignore the launch day debacle where the 3 Prime evils known as 12, 3003 and 37 came out to ravage nearly everyone who bought your damn game. But even now, we're still getting random issues with the servers like errors 3007 and so on. Heck, you've come out with 2 server patches in the last 2 days that people have NOT been able to download because they keep patch-looping! The game tells them they need to update and kicks them out to the launcher which then tells them the game is up to date and when they go in again, it kicks them out again. Seriously wtf? Once in 2 days is already pretty embarrassing, htf did you manage to do it 2 days in a row? 

Of course, this is one of those times I've got to hand it to the koreans. They do not take this shit lying down. Not surprised really. Have you seen their SC tournaments? These people take computer games seriously. This seriously.

Secondly, customer service. Ignoring the issue that I got hacked and that it seems like an increasing number of people keep getting hacked every day, wtf is up with your customer service? Is there a reason you closed your own thread with regards to account security and hacking? Could it possibly be the fact it ballooned to 210 pages within 3 days with most of the people in it saying 'hey, I got hacked'? Not to mention all the deletions from the forums about people who start new posts saying 'I got hacked'. Of course, your obvious answer (and those of your fanboys) is 'get an authenticator'. Which is all fine and dandy IF you frigging knew they existed. I don't go to the D3 forums; or at least I didn't until I got hacked, but when I log into D3 and input my bnet password, I DO NOT get a message saying 'hey, guess what? To secure your account better, its best you get a free authenticator'. Just saying, if it's really that important, you might want to put it in your games. You know, the same way you put all your patch notes at the side.

Plus, I've submitted my support ticket for the hack last week. Blizzard, you still haven't gotten back to me on it yet. You know what that says to me. It says you're too busy to reply. Apparently you have one week's backlog. Of what I don't know but judging from the forums, probably other people opening support tickets saying they've been hacked. 

So in the end Diablo III? Yeah, it's fun but it has a lot of issues right now. I've also realised that in the end, I'm probably not one of those people who will make it through inferno simply because I DON'T like grinding. I also won't be buying anything from the RMAH because I haven't spent any real money on in-game gear for any game yet and I don't plan to start now. However, I will probably still play D3 as long as I have people to play with because to me, that's the real fun in the game. Not item grinding, or selling stuff on the RMAH.