Monday, 4 June 2012

Japan Day 2

So day 2 breaks. And we wake up early to go to Tsukiji. However, my friend can not find the don place he wants to eat at so end up at eating at Sushi Tai instead. I joke to him that as we're going back to the station, we'll see the place he wants to eat at. And it turns out we do. Lol, the look on his face.

Afterwards, we head down to Nakano. There's not much at Nakano but we do browse through a few anime stores. Turns out they opened a games workshop in Nakano but the prices are OMGWTF expensive. It's 6100yen for a 10 man tactical squad of space marines. That's 610 yen per soldier, which is damn expensive. 

And finally, despite carrying a huge load of stuff, we head down to Ikebukuro because my friend has never been there before. We end up stuffing our bags into a locker which makes things so much easier for us and we wander about Ikebukuro. Turns out Ikebukuro now has a lot of love hotels situated in the shopping district, as well as a lot of maid cafes. Are the two related in some manner? Probably...

After wandering about for a few hours, we finally decided to go for dinner at Daiba. We wandered about for a while, dropping by the capcom and Hello Kitty store. We also found a Daiso at Daiba, which was surprising because I can't imagine it makes enough to pay for the rent. My friend was damn elated though, since he said it made it easier for him to buy stuff for people back at hom now -_- I pity his colleagues. Finally we ended up eating tonkatsu on the 5th floor.