Saturday, 14 July 2012

eButcher vs eBaldur

Two warcasters; both epic versions and both whose names start with a B. Two go in, only one comes out.

I'll be honest. I like playing eButcher. His style of randomness injects something I find interesting into games. Plus the homicidal maniac + ravager combo is always fun to pull off.

-Beast 09
Doomreavers + UA
Black Dragon Fang pikemen + UA
Great Bears

Shifting stone
Celestial Fulcrum

He wins deployment so he goes first. 

Turn 1
-He moves most of his units up front. Too far front in fact. His druids are on the forefront and he pops smoke to conceal them. Which is pointless since I have almost no shooting units in my army.
+I roll for my focus. I charge my doomreavers up front and manage to contact his druids. I kill some but more importantly, I force them to take a command check and they fail it. 

Turn 2
-He move his units forward to try and kill some doomereavers. The rest of my army is too far behind for him to affect. His army is basically too close to mine at this point. He feats with eBaldur to try and make his army more survivable. 
+I charge the megalith with my doomreavers and try to take it down. Nope, no luck on that front. Due to the armor boost from eBaldurs feat, it stays alive. However, the Celestial fulcrum goes down thanks to the pikemen. Fenris charges into the druids and slaughters them thanks to berserk. 

Turn 3
-He moves in, kills more doomreavers with Megalith and WoldGuardian and then he ground zeroes with eBaldur to kill even more units. However eBaldur overextends himself, expecting to be able to push Beast09 away but because his woldguardian knocked Beast down, he can't be pushed away. 
+I allocate 3 focus to Beast09. He forfeits movement, stands up and then whacks eBaldur with his axe. The first hit critical freezes him, which means eBaldur is now a sitting duck. Another whack later, eBaldur dies. 

Thoughts on game
Doomreavers are fun. My opponent extended himself a bit too forward and he had a bit of bad luck when his druids failed their command check, causing them to do nothing for one round. Then they were all slaughtered before they could recover, along with his fulcrum. It seems like his fulcrum came too close and couldn't do much before it died. There probably is a way to use it properly, but I'm not too familiar with the fulcrum so I can't say much about it. 

I didn't really find any chance to use eButchers feat, considering my enemy had that few enemy models. So I guess that's one way to screw over my feat. Plus I was trying to keep away from eBaldur and the shifting stones.