Saturday, 28 July 2012

Stormwall VS Butcher

This is the first of two games I've had as a Cygnar player and with the stormwall to boot. I've had to proxy a lot since the only Cygnar model I actually had was the stormwall and wasn't fully assembled yet...

Nemo3 w/ Caitlin

Stormsmith Storm tower
Stormsmith Storm caller x 3
Arlan Strangewayes


Great Bears

Aiyana and Holt

Lots of proxies

Right, he wins deployment so he makes me go first. NO issues since I was just testing out the list anyway. 

Turn 1
-My units move up. I don't choose to run with the stormwall since I want to plunk down a lightning pod and lay covering fire. 
+His units run up. He overextends his doomreavers and I remind him they need to stay within their leaders command range. He moves his warcaster up and he's screened by Drakhun and Spriggan. Bad choice. 

Turn 2
-Right, I allocate 1 focus to stormwall and get an extra one free, courtesy of Caitlin Finch. I then move Nemo up so that he's within range of the Spriggan. 1 force hammer later on, BOOM, both the Spriggan and Butcher are knocked down. What does this mean? It means it's time to butcher some warcaster. I feat to get an extra damage die on ALL electrical attacks. I shoot with Nemos gun and because Butcher is 21 armor with focus, I deal very little damage with a puny pow 11 gun. Arlan power boosts Thead and then Thunderhead moves up to continue the job. Still does very little damage. Stormcaller moves up to CALL THE LIGHTNING on Butcher. Then finally Stormwall. Oh yeah, he pretty much annihilates Butcher by himself. 

Thoughts on game
Okay. Nemo3 has some pretty good utility and his attachment is kind of sick as well. Seriously, 1 extra focus everytime you give 1 or more focus to a warjack? WTF?!? This game was a bit too short to really test out the list so I can't say much about my 10model 35 point list. I didn't even really get to shoot much with Stormwall either since in turn 1, most of the units were out of range.