Sunday, 29 July 2012

Stormwall vs Butcher Round2

This was the 2nd game I played with the stormwall against the very same pButcher player. Because the first game was so short, we just used the same army list to play another game. And yes, Nemo3 is still cheap.

Nemo3 w/ Caitlin

Stormsmith Storm tower
Stormsmith Storm caller x 3
Arlan Strangewayes


Great Bears

Aiyana and Holt

He wins deployment again and decides to go first this time.

Turn 1
-He runs his units up
+I move my units up. I don't run with stormwall cause I want to pop covering fire and stormpods. A stormpod drops right in front of the drakhun to block it. I try to call the lightning down on gorman but he's out of range. I have failsafe cast on Stormwall.

Turn 2
-He kills the stormpod. His drakhun charges in but doesn't do much. His great bears move up in formation. Butcher is now on a hill.
+ I feat this turn with nemo3 and attempt to shoot Butcher. Doesn't do much even with the feat. Thunderhead walks up and fries the greatbears  and gorman with his special electric attack. One makes its tough roll while the others are killed outright. I then buy ranged attacks and shoot it normally.Stormwall lays down more covering fire and shoots several more times at Butcher. Doesn't do much. i miss a lot of range this turn.

Turn 3
-He feats this turn with Butcher. Butcher keeps all his focus and charges into stormwall. He rolls 1,1. He curses and buys another attack. Another 1,1. WTF. We can't believe it. All the remaining attacks hit though but Butcher uses all his focus. Amazingly, he does not camp any. Stormwall still survives though 75% of his health is gone but thanks to failsafe, his systems work fine. Spriggan and widowmakers and 1 doomreaver get rid of thunderhead. The rest of the doomies have to run cause they're out of range. eEiryss makes a shot at Nemo3 but doesn't kill him. 
+Butcher is right in front of me. I debate trying to charge him so that I can into melee with him and hit him with forcehammer without suffering the engaged in melee penalty. I decide I'm out of range and use forcehammer anyway, boosting to hit. I manage to roll 11 on 3d6 and butcher is slammed away and knocked down. I decide to charge him with Arlan and Finch to try and maximise damage in CASE Stormwall somehow fails to kill him and then I'll end up blocking my own charge lanes. They deal some damage to him and then stormwall walks up and pops him. 

Thoughts on game
Well, that's 2 games with stormwall under my belt. And I'll say covering fire is a LOT MORE useful than creeping barrage -_- I've had an issue with lightning arcing this game because my opponent never places his models close enough for me to hit them. It doesn't hurt he doesn't have many 10man units either. I think one way I can potentially deal with this is to have storm wall walk near the units and THEN shoot stormwall in the back with all my lightning powers. He's immune to electricity anyway so I don't have to make a damage roll for him and the lightning will STILL arc from him to other people. Plus since he's a  huge base, the lightning actually travels a lot further than it would for a normal base. Sounds like something I'll have to try.

Forcehammer is still awesome.