Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Conquest vs Thyra

Right, so I finally managed to get my first game in with the Khador Colossal and I make a huge error with it during the course of the game.

Karchev ; Unearthly rage + Conquest = profit

Yuri the Axe
Manhunters x 2
Widowmaker Marksman
Koldun Lord
Harlan Versh


Daughters of the Flame
Exemplar Cinerators
Exemplar Errants w/ UA
Knight Exemplar Errant Seneschal

I win deployment and decide to go first. Yes the stormwall is still a proxy for conquest cause I'm still missing a leg for my conquest. 

Turn 1
-I move my manhunters up so that they're ready to charge if need be. Same with my widowmakers who move up to take a few potshots at the errants.
+He casts occultation on the errants and grevious wounds on the daughters. I have no idea why since nothing I have has tough. Eiryss takes a pot shot at the manhunter; whom I forget has stealth but does not penetrate his armor. His choir makes his warjack untargetable by normal shooting.

Turn 2
-Harlan Versh moves up to take a few pot shots at the Errants. He kills 2. The rest of my units can't do much because the errants have stealth on them. My manhunters move further into the forest, not wanting to lose their treewalker defense boost and having just realised they have stealth, they will just ignore any shooting made by Eiryss. Conquest lays down some creeping barrages and fails to crit dev again. 
+He moves his units further up. His warjack shoots a battle mechanik. It's out of range but deviates onto conquest and the mechanic anyway. The mechanic dies while the fire does nothing to conquest. He moves towards Harlan Versh but fails to hit him with the Errants. Meanwhile, his daughters run to engage my manhunters so that Eiryss can do her job later. 

Turn 3
-Harlan Versh shoots a few more errants but leaves himself exposed. My widowmakers walk up to shoot more errants but I can not believe how many double 1s I roll in a row. Seriously wtf. Wardog charges one daughter and kills it, freeing a charge lane for Yuri the axe. Yuri charges a daughter, positions himself so that he can catch Nicia in the thresher and kills Nicia; while missing the daughter on double 1s. Karchev sprays a daughter engaging the other manhunter, misses the manhunter, boosts on the daughter and kills it. The manhunter is now free to charge Eiryss but fails to hit her with both swings. 
+Vengeance sees the daughters activating and trying to kill the manhunters but failing. He casts carnage, which grants his units +2 to hit my models in his control area. His daughters make short work of Yuri under that but still fail to kill the manhunters. Note to self; manhunters are awesome. He runs/charges his errants up to my units and kills some of the widowmakers but not all of them. His cinerators run up to tie up some of my other units while his warjack takes a few more shots at Karchev. Meanwhile, his caster is standing right behind his warjack. Potential assasination time?

Turn 4
-Right, I allocate 3 to Conquest. My manhunters activate first, trying to kill whatever I can kill. I kill 1 daughter of the flame but more importantly, I kill pEiryss. Phew, that's one worry down. I use my units to try and get rid of a few more errants but fail to hit them at all. Koldun lord sprays, doesn't manage to do much. Karchev tries to known down the cinerator but fails. He unearthly rages and feats. Conquest ends up taking a free strike while charging out of the cinerators reach. He scraps the warjack and then; and this is where I make the huge mistake, boosts a ranged attack on the choir next to it since I can not target Thyra since she's out of reach. It crits and knocks the choir and Thyra back and then Conquest shoots her with the nipple guns to finish her off.  Except it turns out Colossals CAN'T shoot and melee at the same time!

Thoughts on game
So apparently both me and my opponent didn't know that little piece of news until after the match and we were packing up. I always thought they could since they can make ranged attacks in melee, just like battle engines but apparently battle engines have this little rule called weapon platform which allows them to make their initial ranged and melee attacks when they want. My bad. We only found out after the match and I was like wtf, at 19 points, they can't even fit a weapon platform system onto the damn thing?? 

Anyway, if I had known that I would have done a lot more things differently I guess. For one thing, i probably wouldn't have given 3 focus to it. Instead, I would have used it to clear out the swarm of weapon masters as well as the warjack so that all my opponent would have had left would be 4 errants and Thyra and 4 daughters of flame with some choir. Then I would sit back and see if they could scrap Conquest in 1 turn with those few units left. At pow 11 with 8 attacks, assuming she spends all her focus, she would deal 19 damage on average rolls. With the 4 errants, assuming charge, that would be 3 damage each per errant. This is assuming they can all charge considering some of them are tied up with my own units and they might die from free strikes. The daughters had 2 units left but even on the charge, they barely scratch the conquest which would mean Conquest would still be sitting very comfortably even with all those attacks. And assuming they scrapped it, there would still be a very angry Karchev to deal with. So yeah, it was a huge mistake to make.

Otoh, he could have tried to assasinate Karchev with Thyra but it was too far and I didn't have enough warrior models for her to use overtake with. I'm more than interested in replaying this match again to see what would have happened if I hadn't made such a bone-headed mistake. 

So what about Conquest? Well, creeping barrage is pretty damn useless as popular consensus would have it. The main gun is nice but if you can only use the gun OR the fists at any one time, you're kinda limited in what you can do and as such, I'm not sure the conquest is worth 19 points. The stormwall probably but the conquest seems to be lacking something. 

Plus I'm probably not playing the colossals aggresively enough. I should try moving them upwards and forcing my opponent to choke on them. Sure it might die; and 19 points of your 35 point army dying is a HUGE deal but while the opponent is trying to kill it, it'll probably leave opportunities open for you to exploit.