Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Old Witch vs eBaldur

This was the 2nd game I played with the circle dude in the same evening, mostly because we finished our previous game pretty quickly. He chose to use the same list and I was thinking of it as well but chose to try out Old Witch in the end. 

Old Witch

Great bears
Black Dragon Fang pikemen + UA
Kayazy Assassins + Underboss

-Wold Guardian

Celestial Fulcrum
Shifting stones

Right, I win the roll and go first for development. 

Turn 1
-I try to go for a more cautious development. I do run my units up but I try to make sure they're not close enough for him to shoot. I do cast IF on the Kayazy though and keep it there.
+He runs his units up as well, running his warbeasts into the forests so I can't see them for a charge. His fulcrum is being screened by his druids again but it's too far for me to reach anyway.
Turn 2
-I move my old witch up into position and feat. Most of his forward units are caught in my feat area. In all honesty, this may not have been the best time to feat but it's my first game with the old witch and I'm trying to get a feel for her. I seperate my Greatbears from the rest of my troops so they can hopefully try to flank his army. They're independent enough that they don't need my support. The rest of my army advances.
+As expected, he chooses to retreat instead of staying still in my feat area. However, surprisingly enough he leaves his fulcrum behind. He uses it to blast several of my pikemen as well as try to assassinate my warcaster. Does not work since Old Witch has a very high defense and she's on a hill.

Turn 3
-I would like to say thanks for the meal but I don't. Instead, I just rip apart his fulcrum that was placed there for me. The behemoth charges it and pops it in 1 shot (it had already taken damage from walking into my feat area). I place a cloud effect using the old witchs spell to try and block LOS to my pikemen. 
+Yeah...I kinda forgot to block LOS to Behemoth >_< Anyway, he charges behemoth with Wold Guardian and tries to put it down. He doesn't and then he charges it with eBaldur and tries to put Behemoth down again. Doesn't succeed although Behemoth is now crippled on both left and right arms. He feats with eBaldur to try and stay alive.
Turn 4
-Right. Time to try and assassinate eBaldur. First I try to take down his damn warbeasts. I don't have LOS to the megalith cause it's too far within the forest so I use a sneaky trick I learnt from playing with another guy. I charge a pikemen into the forest cause he can see Megalith while the rest charge eBaldur and Wold Guardian. They fail to put either of them down anyway. But now my great bears can see the lone pikemen, they all charge him. The first guy gets a back swing on the pikemen, kills it and hits the megalith with the other attack. The rest get normal backswings on the megalith cause although their charge target isn't there anymore, they didn't fail charge so they get to attack the closest target. Just without the charge bonus but they're still weaponmaster. Nope, still doesn't put him down due to eBaldurs feat. Kayazy all gang up on eBaldur and also fail to put him down. 
+Ground Zero kills most of my Kayazy. Poor Kayazy. Baldur kills some pikemen while Megalith kills 2 of the great bears. The Wold Guardian is still around and kills some other pikemen.
Turn 5
-I make a serious mistake here. I try to kill Megalith with the lone great bear and fail. I kill the Wold Guardian. I try to kill Baldur and get him down to 2 hp but then I make a mistake when running away with the old Witch
+Shifting stones teleport Baldur to me and Old Witch dies.

Thoughts on game
Well, I really really should have seen that coming. I knew the distance I was away from Baldur was more than 10" which was in my mind at the time shiftings + 8" and baldurs reach + 2". But I forgot that when using shifting stones, you don't need to place the unit TOTALLY within 8" of it. So in this case, it's really more like...8+1.x"? I really shouldn't have forgotten that since I've played against circle before. Not to mention I could have run further instead of moving there. Ah well. 

If he hadn't managed to kill me this turn, he would pretty much have died since he had 5 worm tokens on him and he was going to take 5 damage cause of that. Unless he stood still and did nothing to cleanse himself of the tokens, which would meant he would be hit by the remaining pikemen + Kayazy again, which would have ensured his death.

Also, another thing I didn't notice was that he was max on fury for the Megalith so he couldn't have transferred his wounds over to Megalith even if he wanted to. In that case, I could have charged old witch into him and bought/boosted attacks just to kill him. it wouldn't have been difficult at -5 damage. I just need a 7 on 2d6 to kill him. But I guess that's why I need more practice against Hordes, what with unfamiliarity with certain rules and all. That or I need to start a Hordes faction.