Monday, 23 July 2012

Old Witch Vs Hexeris

So this time, it's the Old Witch vs Skorne. It's my 2nd time testing her out and hopefully I've gotten a better hang of it by now. Still made a lot of stupid mistakes though.

Old Witch
-Behemoth; I wanted to substitute this out for Beast09 but in the end, I took it cause I needed some range in my game

Black Dragon fang pikemen; they're pretty much showing up in almost all my lists cause I find them to be that good.
Great Bears
Drakhun; my first time using this unit as well. I really need to keep in mind the counter-charge rule

-Bronzeback titan
-Titan Gladiator
-Cyclops Brute

Paingiver beast handlers
Extoller Soulward
Orin Midwinter

I won deployment so I went first. 

Turn 1
-I run up, trying to get my units in place. Manhunter goes into the forest to hide. Drakhun runs up to try and get to a counter charge position.
-He moves up cautiously.

Turn 2
-I run up again. My eliminators engage his nihilators to prevent them from running away. I make one mistake here when I do not use Behemoth to shoot first to try and destroy some of the nihilators and now that the eliminators are engaged with them, I don't dare to shoot because a deviation can still be fatal to me. Instead I shoot the warbeast instead but I still manage to kill some nihilators next to it and damage the warbeast slightly. Scrap jack runs. Old witch teleports next to scrapjack, feats. I cast IF on OW. Everything is caught in her feat area except for the paingivers, the extoller and 1 nihilator. Rest of my IFP run forward. My manhunter kills his orin midwinter which is too close. Drakhun runs up to countercharge anything that I forgot to take into account.
+ He runs his cyclops up to try and hit me. He fails. Then he tries to assassinate me using eHexeris and his feat. 14 fury later, he failed. Mostly because def 18 isn't easy to hit. I could have saved myself some worry by just casting murder of crows which would have made me stealthed. Anyway, the eliminators survive and he chooses to have the nihilators stay still except for 1 which runs forward but still ends up in my control area but that solo figure makes its tough roll. 

Turn 3
-Things don't go so well for me this turn. I forget to feat with the IFP which leaves me at a severe disadvantage. I try to charge his bronzeback with my Drakhun but fail to kill the damn nihilator standing in my way. Damn tough. However, my eliminators charge Hexeris and leave him with 4 hp. So close -_- 
My IFP kill some nihilators but I leave them too forward. The greatbears take care of the cyclops despite suffering a -2 to charge attack rolls. He doesn't make me reroll my first attack and I do a fair bit of damage to him. I choose spirit as the track to damage. I then do my backswing and he makes me reroll that but I still hit anyway. The damage I do to him is enough to knock down his spirit which means NO MORE FORCED REROLLS. The great bears then chew through the cyclops.
+His warbeasts come forward and slaughter a lot of my IFP and 2 great bears. Hexeris does a clever trick where he uses ashes to ashes on his own warbeast, hitting it and making sure that my eliminators next to it die. It also manages to hit my manhunter. Damn arcing auto-hit enemy models spells. Not really sure he could have gotten rid of them any other way. Thanks to his special ability, vampiric harvest, he manages to heal up quite a bit on his warlock this turn. 

Turn 4
-I don't have my choices left. I have the remaining IFP and great bears charge his bronzeback and down his body and mind. The frigging drakhun STILL fails to kill the damn nihilator in front of it thanks to tough >_< My behemoth loaded with focus goes into the Gladiator and pops it. 
+His archidon fails his threshold and snacks on the standard bearer for the IFP. This gives me a reprieve for a while. The extra deaths heals his bronzeback and he medicates it as well. His bronzeback goes into Behemoth but fails to kill it. Somehow. His extoller uses a boosted shock to knock Drakhun down to 1hp and then the nihilator dismounts it. 

Turn 5
-I destroy his bronzeback but Behemoth is basically half dead at this point. The damn nihilator in front of my drakhun finally fails his tough save, athough I used scrapjack to kill it and not the drakhun... I then use the drakhun to kill the extoller. Old witch teleports scrapjack back to herself. 
+ He moves towards Behemoth with the archidon. He doesn't have a charge bonus cause Behemoth started in his backarc. Archidon fails to kill behemoth but is filled up with fury. eHexeris goes in to finish the job. He then casts Ashen veil on himself because he knows an assassination is coming.

Turn 6
-Scrapjack moves towards eHexeris. I don't bother charging because there is VERY little chance I'll hit with a mat of 5. Instead, I just use scrapjack to set up so that I can teleport OW to Hexeris. I think about trying to cast Avatar of slaughter on myself but decide the +2 to attack rolls isn't worth the cost of the spell. I'm better off boosting. My first attack hits and I boost damage to wipe eHexeris off the map. 

Thoughts on game: 

Going through THIS many warbeasts is a pain in the ass. And I made a lot of mistakes during the game. Constantly forgetting to use the IFP feat was one of them. While it might not have done much against the warbeasts, it would have helped against the nihilators since they couldn't get charge bonus against me due to lack of distance. Watching eHexeris fill himself back to full from 4hp was very annoying, especially since it was from the souls of my fallen IFP. But then Behemoths bombards soon brought him back down, with the OW finishing the job. eHexeris was sort of compelled to come in to try and finish the job himself considering that Behemoths subcortex was still functional after Archidons attacks and he probably could have died to a bombard as well. Unfortunately, doing so meant he was now within range for OW and scrapjack. 

So would I play OW again in the next match? It's hard to say because I've just gotten colossals (the book) and I'm itching to play Vlad3.

Although, if I was starting Hordes, I'm really tempted to pick up Skorne after this game with them. They hit like a brick and are damn hard to kill.