Sunday, 17 February 2013

A Good Day to Die Hard

The 5th instalment in the series. You might this series 'dies hard'...

Right. The 4th instalment; Live Free and Die Hard, featured the daughter. Now it's the sons time to shine. Or is it?

I'll say this much. The diehard family is pretty damn dysfunctional. It makes you want to reach in slap them a few times because of how stupidly stubborn they are. First of all, Bruce Willis's son is captured in Russia and he travels over to Russia what exactly? Free him? It boggles the mind because how was he planning to break his son out of jail in a foreign country whose language he doesn't speak? But never mind, the plot requires him to be in Russia, so in Russia he will be. But this is merely the beginning of the long chain of deus ex machinas in the film. 

So he goes over there, discovers his son is a CIA agent and then they go on the long convoluted plot that ends up with them in Chernobyl. Basically, they get doubled crossed and then triple crossed, although you could sort of see them coming a mile away. 

The film's a long series of mostly action sequences, with very little plot exposition or character development. But hey, it's a Die Hard film, what were you expecting? At the beginning, Bruce and his son have pretty antagonistic attitudes towards each other and are constantly bitching and bickering at each other like whiny kids. And at the end, suddenly they're a family again. The therapeutic effect of killing bad guys. Every psychiatrist should recommend this method of healing family divisions and then give their patients guns -_-

Overall, the film seems pretty short. Right after the russians double cross each other and steal the uranium, you expect the film to continue with Bruce Willis and family having to stop an attempt to nuke Russia or something. But no, it all resolves during that one scenario. There's no further twists or action scenes. Bad guy double crosses bad guy, tries to get away with uranium and then gets shot to death by the father and son duo before they can do so. It really seemed like they were going to do something further with the plot but then realised they either a)lacked motivation to do so or b)money. But considering it's a die hard film, it really feels more like A.