Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Nemo3 vs the Might of Karchev

Okay, amazingly enough, I'm not the one playing Karchev here. And this is the first time I've managed to get most of my Cygnar models assembled and on the table.


Journeyman warcaster
Stormsmith Caller x 3
Stormsmith Tower x 2



Right. This is one of my first Nemo3 lists. I've taken out Arlan Strangewayes from it because I don't really find it necessary due to the fact I have failsafe on Nemo3; which allows me to ignore crippled systems. So unless they destroy stormwall, I probably wouldn't bother repairing it and if it's destroyed, it can't be repaired anyway. Kind of a catch-22. I put in more stormsmith callers because this is basically a lightning themed army. This is a theme list army as well for Nemo3 and it's up to T3, which allows me to place up to 3 lightning pods within 20" of my deployment zone. I've forgotten that it also reduces the cost of my stormguard by 1 which means I have 1 extra point I have no idea what to spend on, and it also extends my deployment area by 2". 

He wins deployment so he goes first. I place only 2 lightning pods because I want the option to be able to place the third one later. We play Scenario 11.

Turn 1
-Karchev takes the extra movement. He casts tow, brings behemoth and the rest up to the left flank. And then Drago runs by himself. Behemoth moves forward to shoot but misses. He's still pretty far away. His manhunter runs up the left flank as well. Right now, his units are all clustered on the left edge of the board.
+I forget to allocate focus to stormwall. It moves up and places a lightning pod down. I'm keeping stormwall a bit further back because I don't want to be victim to a tow/slide and have a dead stormwall on turn 2. Stormguard run up the left flank. I have a huge piece of rough terrain near my deployment zone for some reason so I have to skirt around it. Stormcaller tries to hit his manhunter with stormcall; ignoring stealth, but I roll pretty badly for damage. I'm spreading out my stormsmith callers so they can triangulate if possible next turn. Assuming they survive. Stormsmith Towers run up to position. Arcane shield goes onto Nemo3. Fail safe goes onto Stormwall.

Turn 2
-He can't kill the objective yet this turn so he continues moving up. Behemoth gets 2 focus to subcortex and fires into the stormguard but I've spaced them pretty far apart so he can only get 1 per shot. Karchev drops tow and casts sidearms. He still continues to cluster on the left side of the board. Surprisingly, the manhunter chooses to charge my lightning pod instead of my stormsmith caller. 
+I upkeep failsafe for free thanks to Finch.2 focus to stormwall; which becomes 3 thanks to Finch. It charges the rightmost objective and pulps it. My opponent can possibly tow/slide the jacks into Stormwall next turn but it would take most of his focus.   Nemo3 charges a lightning pod and is now in the right zone. Stormguard charge/run up to try and contest the left zone.  The stormguard CMA the manhunter and miss. But 2 shots from the 2 SS Tower takes care of the manhunter thanks to shooting the stormguard in the back and chaining. I start triangulating with the stormsmith callers and manage to disrupt Drago, Spriggan and Juggernaut. What I really wanted to take care of was Behemoth but it was just out of the area. I get 3 points, 1 for killing the objective and 2 for dominating. 

Turn 3
-So he can't give focus to 3/4 jacks. That's not really an issue with Karchev since he can cast unearthly Rage. However, this also means my stormwall is less likely to be scrapped. He's a bit too far to try the tow trick, especially since his own jacks are blocking his front. That means either they have to activate first or he has to tow, drag them backwards and try to kill stormwall with only 3 jacks and hope they're in charge distance. I still have failsafe up so it's a long shot because of the distances involved as well. Not impossible though. However, he opts to take the safer route. Drago runs up to contest my zone. Karchev casts unearthly rage. Juggernaut takes down the objective. Spriggan kills some stormguard. So does the Behemoth with his guns. He doesn't bother trying to assassinate me since I'm base armor 19 with arcane shield on. However, I point out to him he will lose due to the board position and because Drago is the only thing contesting my zone.
+So all I have to do is kill Drago and I win. Or get Drago out of the zone somehow. The safest way is to slam Drago out of the way because he's less than 2" in the zone and any slam by a Colossal adds +2" to a d6. However, the most satisfying way is to kill Drago. 3 focus goes onto Stormwall. I swap out failsafe and put in lightning shroud on stormwall. I also then feat. And attempt to shoot. Stormwall charges Drago and only just barely kills him due to me missing 1 attack and then rolling horribly on anything +3 damage. With that done, I move more stormguard up into his zone and end the turn. I dominate again for another 2 more points and win.

Thoughts on game
I'm glad I won on scenario because I'm pretty sure I didn't have enough to crack open all the armor he fielded. My only option was Stormwall but even the stormwall could be taken down thanks to unearthly rage. I couldn't even prevent him from charging thanks to Karchevs feat, which allows them to charge for free. The best I could do was continually disrupt them so they could never ever have focus to buy additional attacks. 

He made several mistakes throughout the game though. He could easily have won if he had sent the spriggan to contest the left zone instead of bunching everyone together. I would have had a very very hard time killing the spriggan and probably couldn't have won that zone. He could then have easily controlled the right zone with his huge number of warjacks and I wouldn't have been able to do much about that. But instead he kept them all bunched together until it was too late. Things would have been a lot worse if he had brought a devastator. 

This list pretty much functioned the way I was expecting it to. Since the stormguard don't block LOS for friendly models, I could shoot them in the back with my stormsmith tower and have the lightning chain to the enemy thanks to Nemo3s passive ability as well. That or shoot a lightning pod and have it chain to the enemy as well.