Thursday, 28 February 2013


I'll admit this. I like the film. I have no idea why but I do.

There are certain films you like that you have no idea why you do. Harold and Kumar is one of them, so is Get Shorty. Hitchcock joins them in those ranks. The film's about Alfred Hitchcock and his attempts to make Psycho. But really, it's more about the relationship and romance between him and his wife. 

Yes, it's a film about the romance between 60 year olds. Which probably creates a sort of cognitive dissonance in the movie-goers who are more used to watching buff 20 year olds cheesing up the screen with their romantic shenanigans. 

Yet it works somehow. Probably due to the stellar performances of Antony Hopkins and Helen Mirren. While other actors may have failed in the roles, they managed to bring their characters to life and it was engaging for the 90 odd minutes the film was on screen. Much like Argo, this was a story based on a 'real life' scenario and like Argo, the direction really helped bring it to life with emphasis on the characters little actions that brought their personalities to life. There were also moments in the film that were reminiscent of Hitchcocks own films and which worked very well. 

Overall, the film was decent but I would only recommend it to certain people. It's certainly not the type of film that would appeal to the masses although that's probably their loss.