Thursday, 21 February 2013

Irusk vs Goreshade

Well, finally back to 35 point games. And with a brand new (to me) caster as well. And with this up, I'll be caught up to date on my batreps. At least until Friday...


Winterguard with UA
Kovnik joe
Kayazy Assassins


Bile Thralls
Bane Thralls
Withershadow combine

We're both playing new lists and have chosen some pretty no-brainer inclusions to the list. I've gone the lazy route and included the WG and Kayazy with an IF caster. He's taken bane thralls, Tartarus and bile thralls. 
It's the disappearing flag scenario again. This seems to happen a lot. I win deployment and go first.

Turn 1
-1 focus on Conquest. Kayazy run while spacing out. I don't think his bile thralls can reach me this early so I take the chance to move up. Winterguard run up.IF goes on the Kayazy and superiority goes on Conquest. See Conquest run 12". What a rush, and why I think Conquest should only really be played with people who can give him a movement or speed buff when he's moving normally. Conquest moves up so that he can reasonably contest either the center or left objective while my 2 infantry units can contest either the right or center one. Joe gives the WG fearless and tough.
+He runs everything up first. His wither shadow skirt around the right edge of the forest to try and flank while the bane thralls go to the left. His bile thralls hug the forest for fear of Conquest but he also puts occultation on them, making them stealthed. We still have no idea which flag will disappear so we're trying to cover all our bases. His warjack camps in the forest so that he can shoot at the Conquest while safely blocked from LOS by terrain. Also, Goreshade puts phantom hunter on it so it can pretty much see almost everything. Left most flag disappears at end of turn. 

Turn 2
-1 focus to Conquest and I drop IF and upkeep Superiority for free thanks to Sylyss. Then I have the WG bob and weave upwards to spray the pesky bile thralls nearby. I don't send the full unit because I don't want all of them be purged. I do plan to feat this turn but the tough only lasts for 1 round and I still have to do with the corrosion later on. So I send enough that it'll be hard to get rid of all them and they can still contest the flag. I kill 2 of them and a one or two bane thralls with the WG spray but not much else due to being out of range for most. Kayazy run up to contest the right flag as well. I feat and put IF up on myself since I am in range for his Leviathan to come up and shoot me. Conquest aims for the bile thralls, hoping to splatter some with deviations. I kill some but not enough. It's a full unit so I'm definitely getting purged. 
+He follows through and purges me but thanks to a 4+ tough, I manage to pass most of it. He then tries to charge my winterguard with some bane thralls while making sure to keep most of them back from the fighting. He definitely doesn't want to be grouped too close together and die to WG sprays. End result, most of my Kayazy are dead. The Leviathan tries to aim for the WG leader but he's just out of range. 

Turn 3
-I roll for upkeeps and to see if the corrosion wears off. Most of it does surprisingly. I drop IF again because I want to put it on someone else. 1 focus goes on Conquest. My Kayazy underboss feats and then they charge the withershadow combine. Those of them that can reach them that is. One ends up charging a bane thrall. 2 of the withershadow combine dies thanks to the Kayazy as does a bane thrall. IF goes up on the WG and Irusk moves backwards to safety. Thanks to the one bane thrall dying, my WG now have an opportunity to spray the other banethralls engaging them. I position them in a manner so that the ones unengaged can spray the engaged bane thralls and free the engaged WG to spray other banethralls. Oh and fearless and tough goes up on them too. I've also left a path open for Conquest to run to the right flag and he does so. Unfortunately, I didn't read the SR rules clearly enough because I originally thought you just needed to be within 2" to control flags. But it's actually one model needs to be base to base with it and the rest of the unit needs to be within 4". So no points for me because I'm not base to base. 
+More purging from the bane thralls. They kill some WG but I actually pass some tough rolls on a 5+ tough.Tartarus curses the WG and Bane thralls charge and kill 1 WG. Leviathan charges Conquest but doesn't do much to it. Withershadow dispells my superiority, damaging Irusk in the process. No points are scored for anyone. 

Turn 4
-I roll for corrosion again and fail this time. I upkeep IF since superiority is gone. I give 3 focus to Conquest. 3 focus later, the Leviathan is dead. Winterguard get fearless and tough again from Joe and they spray whatever is possible. I'm loathe to move away and take a free strike because if they kill me, they do get a free bane thrall thanks to Goreshades elite cadre. Those that can spray, spray. Those that can't end up beating the Banethralls normally. I'm still contesting the flag but I'm not doing much damage this turn. No points scored due to the withershadow still being near the right flag. 
+Tartarus curses WG again and charges with a thresher. Many innocent WG die that day. He also creates new bane thralls -_-. Bane thralls run and charge. Several of them run up to Conquest and try to block his path. The lone withershadow combine left charges Conquest but not much damage is done. He's slowly beating me back with the sheer number of troops left. 

Turn 5
-I see a possible assassination vector. I could conceivably trample through the bane knights and reach Goreshade who's out in the open. This would require me to have superiority on as well. But even if I do that, I would have to roll 7s to hit him and then roll 9 on every single damage roll just to kill him. This is way too risky after calculating the odds. However, I can also reach Tartarus, which I can destroy easily and once I do, his bane thralls will have that much harder a time hitting my WG. So I opt for that option. 3 focus on Conquest. Superiority goes back up. Irusk moves up to the flag and dominates it if everything goes well. I trample through with Conquest, positioning my direction so that I can hit EVERYONE nearby; which includes 3 banethralls and 1 withershadow and still end up within reach of Tartarus. I kill all of the people I trample over. I buy an attack on Tartarus. I miss on a 3 -_-. I use my last focus and buy another attack and hit. Tartarus is gone. Irusk now dominates the flag. Sylyss runs up to join him. Joe now gives the WG boosted attack rolls since there is very little chance the bane thralls can hit them so tough is not needed as much. The WG spray and melee as usual and take down quite a few bane thralls. 2 points go to me. 
+Now it's his turn to feat. He charges Conquest with Goreshade but he doesn't bother using all his focus to take Conquest down. Instead he just buys a few attacks then feats. He removes all the mechanithralls on the table and brings back bane thralls. The bane thralls then charge Conquest and scrap it utterly. 2 bane thralls run to contest the flag. 

Turn 6
-Conquest is gone. All I have left are the WG and Joe. Can I do it? Possibly. I upkeep IF on the WG. Irusk moves up and shoots the nearest bane thrall and kills it and then casts Inhospitable ground. Since none of them have pathfinder or ghostly, this would hurt them. Sylyss charges another Bane thrall and kills it. That was amusing. I now dominate the flag again. Kovnik Joe gives boosted attack rolls and charges the bane thrall in the centre, next to the Conquest base and facing the front of the WG there (see pictures). He kills it. This leaves the winterguard free to move since the other bane thrall is facing AWAY from him. He activates and sprays everyone to the left side of the conquest base. 1 bane thralls die. The flag bearer; who moved up, then shoots the bane thrall engaging the leader of the WG. I don't spray since it would only catch 1 guy at most but I hit him anyway at def 16. He dies, which leaves me 2 more WG to spray with. They do so and the standard bearer bane thrall is dead. I now have 4/5 points needed to win the game and my opponent concedes due to the fact he can't make back the difference. I just need to dominate the flag one more time and I win and he has maybe 2 bane thralls left to make a difference and would have to try hitting def17 winterguard to do so. 

Thoughts on game
pIrusk is a lot easier than eSorscha -_-
Overall, I think the 4+ tough is a great way to deal with all those annoing purges. And the +2 speed really really helps Conquest. Instead of running a measly 8", I end up running 12" thanks to superiority. This really helps me with positioning and board control. 
Hex blast seems like it would have really evened out the odds but most of the time, his banes were engaged with my WG in melee or he was out of range. Plus it didn't help he kept giving 3 focus to the Leviathan to try and shoot me with.