Friday, 15 February 2013

eSorscha vs Terminus

Right, this should have been out earlier but I was in Sweden, then Chinese New Year happened...


Kayazy Assassins
Rifle Corps
Kovnik Joe
Winterguard with UA
Aiyana and Holt


Bane Thrall with UA
Bane Knight
Bane Knight
Bile Thrall

Another SR scenario, the one with the disappearing flags. He wins deployment so he goes first. I also have a bit of an issue with deploying my troops since this is one of the few times I'm using a huge array of troops and in this particular combination to boot. My plan is to use the Kayazy as a screen while the Rifle Corps shoot the incoming enemy units since the Kayazy are stealthed and don't block LOS when more than 5" away. 

Turn 1
-He runs everything up. The bane knights flank both sides of his army while bane thralls advance forward. Bile thralls are as usual kept behind.
+Conquest moves up and lays down creeping barrage. Kayazy Assassins run forward. Rifle Corps follow. I cast IF on the assassins and Winterguards follow up behind Rifle Corps. I'm keeping some space in between them because I don't want the units to be too tangled up together. Also, bile thrall purge. Aiyana and Holt advance up the left flank just in case the flag doesn't disappear there and I can contest it. End of turn, I roll to see which flag disappears and it's the left flank.

Turn 2
-More running up by him. I actually manage to KD a bane knight who runs through the creeping barrage. Unfortunately, he passes his tough check. Or is it? His units are starting to converge, showing less of the spread he had in the first turn now that he knows which flag is gone. The bane thralls and the bane knights on the left flank are starting to mix together.
+I upkeep IF. I run a Kayazy to contest the right point and the rest of the Kayazy run as well. I try not to keep them too close together because random AOEs or purges will kill them easily. Sylyss activates and gives Sorscha an extra die. Sorscha moves up and casts freezing grip on the KD bane knight. Their whole unit is frozen. Rifle Corps goes to town and shoots at the BKs but very few penetrate their armor. Right, scoring starts now. None of us get a point.

Turn 3
-His bane knights are frozen so no vengeance for them either. He clears out the Kayazy on the left with his jack and then he clears out the Kayazy near the middle flag with his bane thralls. You try and hit anything long enough, it's going to die. He charges towards the conquest with the left flanked bane knights and runs those that are clearly out of range. This results in more frozen bane knights due to Sorschas bond. At the end of the turn, he gets 2 points. 
+ I run my Winterguard up the left side. Mostly because there's a huge forest on the right side which they can't really go through very well...Or see through... Kayazy kill some bane thralls by ganging up on them. Rifle corps get boosted attack rolls from Joe and shoots some bane Knights. Mechanics run to try and contest the left flag. Conquest can't move due to being pinned in by bane knights so he settles for shooting. He doesn't do enough damage though. Sorscha freezes the unit of bane knights near Conquest. No points are scored during my turn.

Turn 4
-Tatarus curses the Kayazy and runs. He then uses the right flank bane knights to clear out the ones near the flag. When that doesn't work, he purges them.  He kills the other mechanics near the right flag with his warjack and then sends Terminus over to dominate it. That gets him the 3 points needed to win the game. 

Thoughts on game
Hmm, my positioning really needs to be better for mass infantry swarms. My winterguard did nothing at all during the entire game, mostly because they were too far away. I was planning on using Conquest to contest the right flag but was blocked by a bunch of bane knights. Also, I've really come to appreciate the +2" movement that Harkevich gives to his warjacks constantly. Sure, I can get +2" when I cast boundless charge but that's only when charging. Being able to move 6" normally is huge for the conquest.

Was unwilling to engage his army with too many of my units since I know he'll just end up purging them, which hurts me a lot more than it'll hurt him really. 5 points is also surprisingly easy to accumulate in SR2013. It takes about the same number of turns as 3 points in SR2012.

Kind of a pyrrhic victory though. I lost some mechanics and maybe 1/2 a squad of Kayazy while I killed maybe about 1/2 his army.