Friday, 8 February 2013

Mekanika Studios

Right, as most people would know, I've been trying to find a tray for my warmachine models for ages. It started with broken egg games and we all know how that turned out. Seriously, if you don't , just go look a few posts back under my warmachine label. Now I've tried another company called Mekanika Studios.

Right, I was going to order from them much sooner since I liked the look of their products when it was originally announced on Dakkadakka. But the shipping threw me off, probably because the owner was new but his shipping rates in the beginning were skyhigh. How high? 160usd for shipping alone. Lol, anyway, I'm glad that he found cheaper methods of shipping so I was eventually able to order the master tray system from him. 

They have two main types of tray systems. One is an inter-changeable one where you can mix and match several subtrays on one larger one. This was the one that interested me. The other was a standard fixed tray system that had possibilities for 2 huge 120mm bases. 

So I ended up ordering the master tray system. Good thing was that I received the shipping confirmation the next day, so that's a plus. Received it a few days later, and I'll say this, the box is pretty damn big.
Right, it comes with one master tray and 6 sub-trays. Up to any one time, 3 sub-trays can be slotted onto the master-tray and held there by the pegs that jut out from the master-tray. 

As you can see, there's a wide assortment of different base sizes for the various sub-trays. So you'l probably find a combination that suits your need. The material is supposedly made of some PVC like plastic and while it feels really light-weight at first, it was at least able to take the weight when I filled up the entire tray with my army units, most of which are metal units. 

So yes, it's at least durable enough to do that. Can it take the weight of two colossals though? Probably though I don't have two colossals, so the question is moot. 

My only other issue with the tray is that the 30mm base slots tend to be a bit bigger than 30mm bases so there's a bit of wiggle room for the miniature to move about in. It didn't really pose a problem when I was moving my tray from table to table, but that's just something I noticed.

Also, just FYI in case anyone wanted to know, the list on those trays is


Mortar x 3
Winterguard with UA
Mounted Fenris
Dismounted Fenris
Winterguard Rifle Corps
Kayazy Assassins
Aiyana and Holt
Manhunters x 2

So yeah, that's a lot of models. But that's what happens when you play two 50 point lists that differ dramatically from each other >_<