Tuesday, 8 July 2014

eHaley vs Grayle

Just testing out another variant of the eHaley list. 


ATGM with UA
Black 13


Shifting stones with UA
Bloodtrackers with Nuala
Wold Lord Morraig
Lord of the feast
Tharn Ravager Whitemane 
Druid Wilder
Black clad wayfarer

Interesting. I've never played against Grayle before so I'm not too sure what he can do. The purpose of my new list though is simple. I want to push everything I can out of the zones. I'm ignoring armor cracking at this moment and just trying to control my opponents models. The scenario is #10 and I'm going first. Prey is declared on my non-UAed ATGM

Turn 1
-1 focus to each jack. Arcane shield goes onto the Stormclad. Thorn runs up the center, towards the right zone. Stormclad runs up the center. Haley casts TK on Stormclad through Thorn and reaction drives Thorn into a forest. She then walks up and casts deceleration. Boomhowlers sing 4+ tough and head to the left zone. ATGM with UA runs up towards the right zone. ATGM without UA stays further back out of prey range. B13 run up.
+Ghetorix runs up the center. Stalker runs up the left flank, towards the zone. The bloodtrackers move up and try to shoot Thorn but most of them are out of range and those who are in range fail to hit def 17 (+2 from dec and +2 from forest). Shifting stones pop up, with one falling into the right zone. They can't be moved so my ATGM are most useless against them. For a moment he ponders if he wants to try hitting the B13 with the Lord of the Feast and teleporting to them but it's def 17 against ranged and it's very unlikely to hit. He could try hitting the boomhowlers but I have 4+ tough and I didn't cluster them together enough and he would die the next turn with no way to teleport back. So he decides to play it safe and leave the Lord of the feast nearby. Grayle walks up and casts storm rager on the Lord of the feast. 

Turn 2
-Okay. Time to feat. I give 3 focus to Stormclad, 1 to Thorn and draw 1 focus from Squire. I upkeep arcane shield. The black13 walk up and shoot at the Huntresses but magestorm deviates, away. Derp. Thorn charges and kills the shifting stone in the zone. I walk up, feat, deadeye the ATGM with UA and TA the Stormclad. Stormclad charges the Shifting Stone UA. I position him nicely so that he has reach to Grayle but Ghetorix has no reach to him and Ghetorix is in my feat. Grayle also has no reach. I kill the shifting stone UA, which is a must because it makes the stones semi-useless for one turn since they're not in formation. Then I kill everything nearby, which includes the Lord of the Feast and a shifting stone. The ATGM with UA walk and snipe the bloodtrackers to death. The ATGM without UA run up into the zone. Boomhowlers run into the left zone while singing 4+ tough. eEiryss runs up to block Morraig from moving since he's the only person not caught in my feat that can get to the zone. 
+Ghetorix goes first. He walks into the left zone instead of walking closer to the Stormclad. Probably because he knows he'll die next turn if he walks next to the Stormclad. Stalker goes next and he retreats backwards. Grayle decides to take a chance and walks away from my Stormclad and I fail my free strike attack roll. Needed 6, rolled 4. The bloodtrackers move into the zone and reform. Gorax moves to the left, as does the whitemane. Morraig kills eEiryss and moves backwards. 

Turn 3
-I upkeep arcane shield. 4 focus to Stormclad. Stormclad turns and walks up to Ghetorix and beats it nearly to death. I have back-arc bonus but I miss one attack anyway and that saves Ghetorix. That and unyielding. The boomhowlers sing 4+ tough and charge/run at Ghetorix. That kills him off. The black 13 walk up and magestorm a few bloodtrackers. Thorn misses his attacks on some. Haley walks into the zone, casts deadeye on the ATGM with UA. They walk forward and clear the left zone, allowing me to dominate it. I also control the right zone, so I have 3CP at the end of this turn. 
+He decides now is the best time to feat. He charges and kills some boomhowlers then casts stormrager on the whitemane. Lanyssa tries to hit my Stormclad with hunters mark and fails. Gorax casts primal and kills some boomhowlers, allowing the Stalker to go into the Stormclad. Somehow...I'm still alive. I'm actually not sure how that happened, I was totally expecting the stormclad to die. The whitemane charges Stormclad but still fails to kill him. Morraig charges some ATGM and kills one of them. 

Turn 4
-4 focus to Stormclad, who amazingly still has his cortex. I beat the Stalker to death. I charge Morraig with Haley and then TK him out of the zone when I fail to hit him. I cast deadeye on the gunmages who then obliterate/push away anything in the zone. I dominate for the last 2CP and win. 

Thoughts on game
Still not sold on the list. While the black13 was useful, I'm not too sure I need 2 units of ATGM. Otoh, 2x thunderbolts are good but another option I could try is a unit of long gunners.