Friday, 4 July 2014

Nantsuttei Ramen

Orchard Central #07-12/13
I was walking along the upper levels of Orchard Central when I noticed this new ramen store that opened up. For some reason, there's a huge number of such chains opening up suddenly in Singapore.

The place is fairly simple in its decor and also fairly small. I'd say at most it can only accomodate maybe about 20+ people? I didn't really count but it's not a huge joint per se and it pretty much only serves Ramen. 

There aren't too many selections to choose from, maybe about 6 ramen in total if I recall correctly. I guess they're concentrating on having a few specialties instead of trying to serve everything. Which is good in a way. Anyway, those who know me will not be surprised to find out I ordered the Chashu-men. That's pretty my staple when I go to eat Ramen. 

It came out pretty quickly and looked pretty appetizing. That and I was really hungry. But again, I like the amount of pork they put into the bowl. The soup was decent, above average for a ramen store in Singapore. The pork could have used a bit more fat in it overall to make it a bit more tender. Some bits were just nice while others were a bit too lean. The noodles were okay but I've never really had noodles that made me go WOW, these noodles are awesome. The only real issue I had with the ramen was that there was too many bean sprouts in the ramen. It was literally one whole clump of beansprouts and while I ordinarily like beansprouts, I just found this a weird choice to add to Ramen. 

Overall, this was a pretty decent Ramen. I would go there again if I was in the vicinity and I wanted to eat Ramen. The price seems to be about average with what Ramen costs now in Singapore, at 16 SGD for a bowl of Chashu but 12 SGD for a cheaper bowl that's just called Ramen. Taste is decent although I still prefer Menya Musashi because it has more choices. 

Also lastly, I'm pretty sure they painted the faces of the chefs onto the wall of the restaurant. I was looking at the wall and I was thinking this looks like the chefs. Apparently the people I was with were thinking the same thing too.