Friday, 25 July 2014


Naqua-Den is by one of my favoured manga-ka; Mitsunaga Yasunori, who also did Princess Resurrection and in many ways can be considered a spin-off sequel to the aforementioned manga. 
A short summary of the premise of Naqua-Den. Japan is under invasion by strange entities that are controlling the deities of japan and causing calamities. Being a Yasunori work, expect a huge amount of supernatural hijinks in it. The only one who will stand against them? Nakua, the spider-goddess who will stop them from invading Japan. Along with her faithful companions, Taro and Ginko. 

It sounds like an epic battle manga except it really isn't. Naqua-Den is a pretty off-key manga, that revolves around the superstitious beliefs of deities in japan and their duties. So there's less epic battling and more of a ninja-warrior type of dueling going on in the manga. 

An example would be the latest chapter, which involves Japanese float racing, which is actually a popular festival called Hakata Gion Yamakasa. The protagonist and her crew end up having to help the float racers outrace an aregami; which is a fallen god, so as to prevent disaster from befalling the land. 

So really, it's less fighting and more...quirky situations like this. However, this works for the manga because the characters themselves are quirky. There really aren't any obvious stereotypes in the series like there are in a lot of manga nowadays, which is why I like it. The subtle humor present throughout the manga is also pretty enjoyable. 

Overall, I'd recommend this manga. You don't need any previous knowledge of Princess Resurrection to read it, although it will help because you will see some subtle references/shoutouts to the previous work. The only thing I don't like about this manga? It's a monthly manga which means I'll wait forever for it to finish. I followed Princess Resurrection for 7 years before it ended.