Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Sturgis vs Nemo2

More Cygnar vs Cygnar


Long Gunners
Tempest Blazers


Black 13
Silverline Stormguard
Stormcaller x 3

Alright, so I'm finally trying out Sturgis, which I've been meaning to do since I first saw his rules. He has snipe and I've always wanted to try RNG 18 double-tapping Long gunners so that's in. The stormclad and centurion can both benefit from Arcane shield on them, while the centurion is a more defensive piece and the Stormclad is my beatstick. Then there are the lances for eleap and the tempest blazers for eleap and brutal. We play Scenario 11 and I end up going first. 

Turn 1
-Okay, I'm hoping my Jacks can deal with the Stormwall so I deploy them near where the Stormwall is. The long gunners are in the center so they have a wide arc of targets to choose from. The tempest and Stormlances are flanking left and right respectively. I give 1 focus to both jacks. Journeyman casts Arcane shield on the Stormclad. The jacks run up the center. Sturgis casts arcane shield on the Centurion and walks up the center, casts snipe on the Long gunners. Long Gunners run up the center. Tempest Blazers run up the left flank. Stormlances run up the right. 
+3 focus to Stormwall and 1 to minuteman. Ol Rowdy can run by himself so he's fine. Nemo casts polarity field on Ol'Rowdy and then walks up and energisers himself up as well. Stormguard run up the left flank, so that some of them can go camp behind a wall. The black13 run all the up the far-left flank while making sure they're more than 4" apart. I think he's worried about a lucky e-leap shot from my tempest blazers. Gorman follows them. Journeyman casts Arcane shield on Stormwall. Minuteman goes up the right flank as do the Stormsmith stormcallers. Stormwall walks up and shoots 1 stormlance to death. Apparently I did not place him far enough. 

Turn 2
-Okay, I just lost 2 points worth of a unit but It's still not too bad. I give 1 focus to both jacks and upkeep all spells. Long gunners activate with only 2 moving while the rest forfeit movement to doubletap. Lots of stormguards die this turn. Stormlances issue runcharge and I charge a stormsmith caller, killing it but what I really wanted was for the e-leap to hit the Journeyman nearby who's only got 1 focus. I want arcane shield off that Stormwall. It nearly works, leaving the Journeyman with 2 hp. Ah well. Tempest blazers walk up and try to shoot the b13 but miss and then decide to kill more stormguard. Sturgis runs towards the left, trying to get into the zone while hiding from the Stormwall. 
+3 focus to the Stormwall. He upkeeps polarity field and he gives 2 focus to the minuteman. The Stormguard want to charge my tempest blazers but can't do so due to the wall in their way. They end up walking over and CMAing one to death. The b13 stand still and snipe at the tempest blazers and kill another one. Minuteman walks forward and shoot sthe Stormlance to death. Journeyman shoots another Stormlance to death. Ol'Rowdy shuffles somewhere around the center, unwilling to commit itself. Stormwall shoots my stormclad but with arcane shield on, it's still pretty hard to crack. 

Turn 3
-I upkeep all my spells and do not allocate any focus at all to the jacks. They're just there to block the Stormwall and waste its time. Stormlances charge the minuteman and Journeyman and kill the journeyman, meaning arcane shield is no longer up. Centurion and Stormclad shuffle around to be closer to the zone. Long gunners doubletap the Stormguard to oblivion and also deal a bit of damage to the Stormwall. I'm actually pretty amazed at the damage but then with a full 10man CRA, it's +1 to dice rolls. Sturgis runs and dominates the zone for 2CP. Tempest blazers shoot at the B13 and kill 1 and electroleap kills Gorman. Then they light cav into the zone. 
+He drops polarityfield. The remaining b13 move up and shoot at the Tempest blazers with snipe and kills one. Nemo2 moves up and feats and energisers and then casts failsafe on Ol Rowdy as well as polarity shield on Stormwall. Then Ol'Rowdy imprints and runs into the zone to try and engaged the tempest blazers. He's just short. Stormwall lays down some templates and shoots the stormclad again. 

Turn 4 
-I upkeep snipe and drop Arcane shield. I get a focus from the Squire. Journeyman recasts arcane shield onto the tempest blazers. They walk up and brutal shot Nemo2. He's not left with much health at all. I charge Ol'Rowdy and then proceed to feedback him to death.

Thoughts on game
Other than double-tapping long-gunners, I'm not too sure there's much else I like about this list. Although having arcane shield + snipe is probably more useful than snipe + dead eye (pCaine) in my opinion. However, there still seems to be something missing from the list or from Sturgis. Otoh, if I failed to kill Ol'Rowdy with feedback, I was going to walk long gunners up and CRA Nemo to death.