Saturday, 19 July 2014

Lucant vs eHaley

Time for some converging!


Enigma Foundry
Enigma Foundry
Attunement servitors
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex
Optifex Directive


ATGM with UA
Stormblades with UA
Arlan Strangewayes
Stormblade Captain

Okay, my first ever game of Cyriss. I'm going expecting to make a lot of mistakes; which I do, but also to try and get a grasp behind the induction mechanic. While on paper, I understand it, I have yet to truly comprehend it in play. My opponents list is fairly standard except it's missing a tarpit unit like boomhowlers. But then again, I don't have that much shooting. Arlan is there mostly to give the Defender extra focus if it needs it, since it's marshaled to the ATGM UA. Anyway, I end up going first. 

Turn 1
-No focus allocation on my part. The Reciprocators run up the right flank. Obstructurers run up the center/left flank. Corollary activates, gets a focus from being near Lucant. Uses that focus to run and inducts it into a nearby Inverter. I use that focus to run all my jacks. At this point, I make a mistake as the correct play should have been inducting that focus from my Cipher back to the corollary so it has 1 focus again. This is so that later on, the corollary will gain another focus from being near Lucant and have 2 focus instead of just 1. Anyway, Lucant casts watcher and deceleration and walks up near his jacks. Both Enigma Foundries runs up the center as does the Optifex Directive. I'm really just clustered together, which may not be great if I ever get timebombed. 
+Stormclad gets a focus from stormblades and runs up the center. Arlan power boosters the Lancer, which then runs up the right flank. Stormblades run up the right flank. eHaley uses Thorn to arc a timebomb into my reciprocators and it hits 2 of them. Defender walks up and shoots; with snipe, at the Reciprocators, killing one of the ones who had been time bombed. No issues, it's within my soul collection range. ATGM run up. Gorman moves up and pops smoke on eHaley. Journeyman walks up and casts arcane shield on Stormclad. 

Turn 2
-1 focus allocation to Corollary. I upkeep watcher. Corollary activates, gains an extra focus and walks up. Inverters walk up the center. Enigma Foundry pops a new Reciprocator out. Reciprocators shieldwall and walk towards the zone as do the Obstructors. Cipher walks up and throws some rough terrain the Stormblades way. Lucant walks up and feats and casts a dissolution bolt through an Algorithmic Dispersion optifex at the Lancer and prevents it from casting time bomb later on. If Haley wants to timebomb me, she'll have to do it herself. 
+Stormblades assault/charge the objective. Relentless charge from the Stormblade Captain allows them to just ignore the rough terrain I set there. The objective apparently benefits from my feat, which is amazing, so it's at armor 22 now. He ends up killing it anyway although it took more tries than normal for him. Defender tries to shoot an Enigma Foundry with Brutal damage but I just shieldguard it into an Inverter instead. eHaley walks up and feats. Stormclad walks into the zone, kills a few obstructors, controls it and that's 2 CP for him. Derp. 

Turn 3

-Okay...I'm really slow now. Shouldn't have walked up in Shieldwall just now for that extra armor. I upkeep watcher. He makes lucant go first, and I just cast deceleration. Inverters go next and one walks forward into the zone where they can. Reciprocators walk up in shieldwall and jam the lancer and some stormblades. Obstructors walk up in shieldwall. Enigma Foundry pops back some obstructors. Corollary activates and walks closer to Lucant. Cipher walks into the zone. 
+So he has to get rid of at least 2 inverters and some obstructors in the zone if he wants to control dominate it this turn. He draws a focus from the squire and gives 3 focus to the Stormclad. The Stormblades charge the Cipher and do some damage to it. I don't trigger watcher because I want to stay in the zone. Haley activates and he says he's thinking of casting dominate on my Inverter. Sadly he realises it doesn't have a cortex so no domination. He ends up Tking one away from the zone. The Stormclad activates next and beats the Ciphr, the one that was damaged already by the Stormblades. He positions it so that it has reach to the warjack but is out of my 6" watcher range, due to the reach. Sigh. The Ciphr goes down hard. Defender pops another shot at another inverter but misses this time due to Deceleration. Gorman pops black oil on the Inverter that was TKed away, hitting it. ATGM walk up and shoot at the obstructors, thunderbolting them and killing them once they're pushed out of shieldwall. He dominates for 2CP, leaving him at 1CP away from winning. 

Turn 4
-I try to push as many jacks as I can into the zone. Corollary activates, gives 3 focus to the Inverter that's not been black oiled. I cast positive charge on it and briefly consider casting purification but don't. The Inverter goes in and beats the Stormclad and its sword-arm drops off. The Reciprocators beat the lancer while in shieldwall. At this point I really should be running them if possible. The Enigma foundries pop out more obstructors and for a moment, I consider a CMA charge at eHaley but decide against it. The odds were not in my favor. I charge and kill Gorman, some ATGM and some stormblades. Lucant casts deceleration. 
+Stormclad gets another 3 focus. Stormblades charge the Inverter, I use their charge to move my corollary up thanks to watcher. I do this 4 times in a row due to their unit members all being within 6" of me. Corollary is now in the zone contesting. The Stormblades beat up on my Inverter. Stormblade activates and finishes off the inverter. I can't watcher for this as he just stands still and beats me. Haley activates, TKs my corollary around, TKs the inverter away from the zone and deadeyes the ATGM. Defender thunderbolts my Corollary and KDs it. ATGM walk up and thunderbolt it out of the zone, as well as killing some obstructors. Stormblade Captain charges my Inverter that's not in the zone and I use this opportunity to trigger Watcher and kill it. I would like to get into the zone with Watcher but the way is completely blocked off by his models. Anastasia then walks up and triggers her Espionage. This allows his units to walk and basically clear the zone of my models, which allows him to dominate for 2CP and end the game. 

Thoughts on game
Okay, the induction mechanic requires a bit more practice to get used to. My greatest mistake however was not running everything into the zone and just jamming him before he could feat. Once he feated, I basically handed him 2CP on a platter since it was so hard for me to get in. I think the lists works although I'm not sure I need the mini-arc nodes for Father Lucant. Probably want to double up on the repair dudes. 

Another thing is that CoC seems to really really lack a decent shooting unit. I would take a vector but my rat is 3, which is crap. I would have loved for my relative weakness (low rat) to have been covered by a unit with some decent range and not just a spray 6.