Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Transformers IV: Age of Extinction

Not the worst transformers movie I've seen, and yet still not even remotely close to being a good film. 

Okay, in terms of how I would rate Transformer films, it would go something like this. Original 80s Transformers movie >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Transformers 1 (Bay edition) > Everything else. Mostly because 2-4 are just a bunch of crap that basically are too crappy for me to really be able to tell the difference. It's just overloaded my crap-o-meter and all I can read is that it's over 9000!

But anyway, back to the this film. We have a whole new cast of characters in the film, which means no more annoying Shia Labeouf character, so that's good. Until I realised that the female teenage daughter was the new annoying teen character -_-. Frankly, none of the characters in this film are memorable and a lot of them are pretty douchey, especially the teen daughter and her boyfriend. The one bright spot in this entire cast is Stanley Tucci's character, who plays an inventor who wants to build Transformers. Which frankly would have made for a better main character storyline than Mark Wahlberg's character. 

So apparently because of Chicago, the transformers are now being hunted down by the authorities because y'know, movie plot. And also because of events that happened in TF3. The first half hour of the movie goes back without even seeing a Transformer, which is too damn long in a movie called TRANSFORMERS. Sheesh, as if we cared about the lifes of the humans in the movie. 

So we see Transformers being hunted down, despite the fact that they can easily shapeshift to avoid being spotted. But the plot demands it, so the plot shall have it. 

As usual, Michael Bay is way too fond of those damn slow motion shots where time slows down and you see one guy standing in this badass pose. Or even worse, there's a montage of different guys standing in badass poses.There are just way too many of those shots in this film.

The film suffers from a lot of stupid moments. Like humans deciding to use Megatron's brain as the basis of their coding for the human-built transformers. Holy shit, what a dumb retarded move. You'd think when the transformer you built to look like Optimus Prime keeps shifting itself to look like Megatron, you'd know something is very very very wrong. 

The transformation sequences for the new human transformers are pretty lazy though. They shift from car form into flowing cubes then into transformers. At first, you think it looks cool, but then you realise you'd much rather have the actual transformation sequence. Plus it's probably so much easier to animate. 

The Dinobots are cool, even if they never actually call them that. They also never really explained where they came from and why they're dinosaurs and so on. It's also not explained why Optimus Prime and the Dinobots are considered Knight-class transformers. 

I liked the fact Megatron/Galvatrons new vehicular form is basically Nemesis Convoy (or evil Optimus Prime). However, I suspect they'll change that for the next movie. 

Also, the ending was just so Matrix-y. Seriously, when the fuck could Optimus Prime fly? And if he could fly, why did he not fly in any of the previous installments? And what? He can just fly in space like that? Travelling through galaxies to find his enemies? Then why do Decepticons or Autobots ever need spaceships?

Overall, this movie was BS. It had a decent amount of action, especially later at the end so if that's all you're looking for, you'll probably be happy. However, if you're like me and you can't turn off your brain, you'll be going wtf quite a few times throughout this movie. Scenes like the above are extremely prevalent. It's an autobot with inbuilt parachutes...Why? I have NFI.