Thursday, 25 September 2014

Black Diamond vs Black Diamond

Pretty much a mirror match. That's how popular Magnus is it seems. 

So a quick 35 point match to get our feet wet. For me, it's the first time I'm actually playing Relic Knights (that shitty demo I had during Gencon doesn't really count) and for my opponent....well, he's been playing Relic Knights all day. 

Black Diamond
Sophia Drake
Black Dragons

Black Diamond
M8 Blitz Auto-Tank
Darkspace Iron Chef

So I win deployment and somehow our primary and secondary objectives are both the same; due to me flipping over the exact same card type. Derp. For those not familiar with the game, Objectives are determined this way, you flip over one card for your objective, take the primary color of the card and use it to determine your primary objective and the secondary color of the card determines your secondary objective. In this case, we both have to sabotage the enemies objectives and kill 3 units on the opposing army. The first to gain 8 VP wins. 

Well, since the deployment zone is technically the whole map, we place our objectives first. The only rule is that your objective can not be within 9" of another objective. I end up with a pretty funny objective placement where I place everything on one corner of the map. 

This makes it so that I don't have to run around a lot to try and defend them. Although this also makes it easier for my enemy to reach them. We both decide secretly which will our first 2 units and what order they'll be in. I reveal Sophia Drake for my first unit; due to her linked Black Dragons trait, and activate her. I use her support to cast Tactical Awareness; a support ability that gives all Black Dragons in the AOE a +2 to attack and defense. This includes herself as she has the Black Dragon trait. Then I move her into it. The BDs activate and move up into the AOE and aim for the tank. Too bad the poor tank has no guard/redirect move so it has to soak up the damage. 

Finally, his turn arrives and he moves Static up and lays down his auto-damaging AOE. Good move but it's a slow-burn. Next, my Magnus activates, pushes his Magnus around for some damage and goes back into cover. His Magnus activates and places an AOE around my Magnus that prevents me from gaining held esper. Derp. Then he runs backwards. 

Sophia activates again, takes 2 from Statics AOE and shoots at the tank and then moves back into her buffing AOE.

 Her linked BD activates, takes 2 as well and shoots at the tank and blows it up and then moves forward and places a sabotage token on the primary objective. His tank died while in the ready queue so Magnus is bumped up to the first slot and activates. Magnus tries to shoot Sophia Drake but my psychic defenses hold and I ignore it. My Magnus activates, moves up and shoots Iron Chef, pushing him back. Iron Chef activates and walks up but doesn't do anything else. His next few turns consist of him continually using Static to try and cheese me with his AOE while his Magnus rounds and hides behind cover. I can't shoot his Iron Chef due to it being in the idle queue and having that special rule saying while idle, he can not be targeted by range attacks. It ends up with me having to MELEE Iron Chef to death. However, I do so and place a sabotage counter on both secondary objectives; thus completing my primary mission and gaining 5VP. I also have 2 VP from killing off 2 of his units but I need 8 VP to win...Which requires me to kill Magnus. Who's hiding in one corner while Static spams his annoying AOE at me. However, it's never really a question who will win, just who has more patience at this point as his Magnus is very very low on health. 
Eventually, Magnus dies. After leading me on a merry chase. Goddamn. 

Thoughts on game
Interesting game, especially the card mechanic. It's a lot more reliable than Malifauxs card mechanic because while you only need one card for Malifaux, you kind of need a lot of cards for certain abilities/attacks. However, thankfully you can draw multiple cards as a response to attacking/being attacked. Definitely have to play more to try the system out a bit more.