Friday, 26 September 2014

Star Wars Scenarios

Just thought I'd upload these. It's been a while since I ran the Star Wars RPG and to be honest, it didn't last very long. I may simple be too irreverent a personality to be a very effective DM. 

So I ran a SW RPG back in 2012. It didn't last very long, probably about 6 sessions or so. If you click the label, you can find some transcripts of what went down during the sessions. I've always intended to release my original scenario notes sooner but apparently I never got around to doing so. Reading through them now, and reading through the transcripts, it's kind of amusing just how much the PCs went off the tracks at times. 

Anyway, here are the scenarios and various notes. They're fairly wordy so I've really just linked them because I don't want to just have a huge text dump on the page. 

The first is the character notes (here). Generally, I try to pay attention to what my PCs are playing and what their backstory is and try to incorporate that somehow into my storyline. This is where I've added a few ideas about how to try and give them some sort of personal quest or arch enemy.

The second is the first scenario notes (here), which basically lays down a rough detail of the general scenario. I'm trying to ease the PCs slowly into what I feel should be a general overarching plot. However, it's much easier to just shoot and kill everything. I also flesh things out a bit more (here). Note how I end up adding in lots of random references to things I'm playing currently. Yeah, that kind of drove my PCs mad. I think the part where my evil stormtroopers jetpacked in while shouting COBRAAAA exasperated them like hell. Also notice how I've packed in quite a few subquests for the PCs, which unfortunately did not end up being used -_-. Yep, that's the breaks.

Otoh, this did turn out better than my Call of Cthulhu RPG which ended when one of the PCs decided to behead an evil NPC while he was near a ritual sacrifice altar that was being prepped to summon a giant evil Ent. Yeah....TPK is a kind way of saying what happened right then.