Thursday, 18 September 2014

Lucant vs pThragrosh

Getting back into the groove takes a bit of getting used to


Optifex Directives
Optifex Directives
Attunement Servitors
Enigma Foundry
Enigma Foundry


Legionnaires with UA
Spawning Vessel
Blackfrost shard

For some reason Legion has been pretty popular in the local community recently and I've gotten in a fair bit of practice against them with my CoC and most of the time, Lucant tends to be my default drop list against them cause he has purification. And positive charge. We play Scenario #11 and I go 2nd. This was a pretty bad game for me since for no reason, my models kept falling apart while I was playing the game. First Lucants arm fell off, then the top part of one foundry fell off. Wth man.

Turn 1
-Ravagore runs up the left flank, towards the flag. Blackfrost shard follow behind. Thrags casts Draconic blessing on the Legionnaires and walks up the center, hiding behind the forest. He then casts fog of war even though I have no shooting troops whatsoever. Scythean runs up the center. Raek runs up the left flank, towards the objective. Carnivean follows up behind the Scythean. Shredder runs all the way up the front. Legionnaires run up the front. Pot follows behind them. 
+I make my first mistake here. I don't allocate any focus. Instead of running my reciprocators, I choose to walk them up in shield wall formation, with one on the right to contest the zone and one on the left to contest the flag. The obstructors run up though. I really should have just run the recips up because even if he killed me, I would have just popped them back into play and it would have saved me a lot of time moving them upwards later on. Corollary activates, pops 1 focus into each of the Inverters. Inverters run up, popping 2 focus back into Corollary. Lucant walks up, casts watcher and casts deceleration. The mechanics follow behind. The servitors flank off at the far left, waiting for the right moment before springing into action. 

Turn 2
-Thrags upkeeps both spells, including fog of war for a reason. His ravagore tries to shoot at Lucant but with deceleration up, it's very very hard to damage me. Plus I shieldguard it away anyway. He does do a bit of damage with boosted damage rolls but nothing severe. I am on fire though but since Lucant has naturally high armor, I'm not too worried. His legionnaires run all the way up into the zone, planning to use themselves as sacrificial bait to lure my units up. Meanwhile, the rest of his units shuffle about, preferring to try and let me over extend myself first instead of running up to where I can charge them. 
+I upkeep watcher. Again, I allocate no focus to the Jacks since I have a corollary. I continue walking my reciprocators up their respective flank and choose shieldwall + set defense. I'm leaving myself open to a charge from their side but I'm hoping my bonuses will save me. One attunement servitor walks up and pops a flare into some Legionnaires. Obstructors order a charge, and kill some legionnaires, CMAing those that weren't flared. Mechanics repair my jacks and Lucant. Corollary walks up and pops more focus into the jacks who then run up. Lucant walks up and feats and casts deceleration. I'm ready to absorb his charge now. 

Turn 3
-For some reason he decides to retreat even further, instead of trying to engage me. His legionnaires exact their vengeance upon the poor obstructors, although they miss some of the crucial keypieces. He upkeeps dragonic blessing and drops fog of war. Legionnaires charge into obstructors and the rightmost reciprocators but he has a hard time killing the Recips or even damaging them. Shredder pops out of the pot and rabids itself and then tries to kill a Recip. It's just not happening at armor 24. The leftmost unit of Recips gets kissed by the Blackfrost shard and then the Raek goes into them. He damages one with a charge attack, but doesn't kill it and then the rest of his attacks just bounce off. Ravagore shoots Lucant again but it's shieldguarded once again. The Scythean and Carnivean actually back off and retreat backwards.
+I upkeep watcher. I'm not planning to purify anytime soon since the only spell up is dragonic blessing on the Legionnaires and they're going to die horribly soon anyway. I respawn 6 obstructors using my foundries and the few obstructors I had hidden back behind the jacks and recips. The rightmost recipts walk up in shieldwall and kill shredders + legionnaires. My jacks kill legionnaires. The leftmost unit of recips kill the raek with +2 to their DMG rolls. I make sure to leave them within 4" of the flag in case Thrags gets any ideas about trying to dominate it. Mechanics walk up and repair the jacks and Lucant again. My obstructors charge again into the Legionnaires, wiping most of them out. Lucant casts deceleration and walks backwards while making sure to stay in the zone. 

Turn 4
-Now that my feat has worn off, he's going to see about trying to kill some of those jacks of mine. His remaining Legionnaires vengeance up, allowing me to reposition some of my jacks using watcher. One of his shredder tries to walk up and bite through my right unit of Recips armor with a rabid bite. But it's hard punching through armor 20 when your pow is only 10. Even if it's boosted.  His legionnaires then proceed to kill some obstructors, although Farilor on the charge actually manages to kill a Recip. Ravagore shoots at my jacks again. Thrags casts Spiny growth on the Carnivean and dragonic blessing on the Scythean. Carnivean assaults upwards but then watcher triggers and he gets macropummeled by my jack, KDing it. But in the process I forget that the damn Scythean can see through the forest and thus, it can charge my warjack. Doh. It charges my frontmost jack. Somehow I manage to survive due to it rolling really low. It missing 2 attacks helped as well. Wow...that was a bad turn of events for my opponent.
+Lucant activates and purifies and then casts positive charge on both jacks. He then shuffles backwards again, while trying to remain in the zone. The corollary activates and gives 3 focus to one jack while inducting one into the other. Instead of trying to pop out more soldiers this turn, my foundries focus on repairing my jacks and Lucant since the mechanics are too far to reach them. The first jack walks up and beats the Carnivean, inducting another focus to the 2nd jack. The left unit of Recips charge the Carnivean, choosing +2 to DMG rolls and finish it off. Then my 2nd jack walks up, macropummels the Scythean and finishes it off. Right Recips shieldwall and kill farilor and shredders. 
Turn 5
-This has turned out to be a very bad turn of events for my opponent. Ravagore shoots at the jacks and hits. It damages them but I'm still alive. Blackfrost shard kiss the heavily damaged jack and then freezing grips it. A shredder goes into the most damaged warjack and rabidly bites it. Then comes the most cunning and probably most desperate maneuver from my opponent. Thrags walks up and casts mutagenesis on my heavily damaged warjack, planning to kill and then place himself near Lucant. It's a cunning plan, except my jack is engaged which means it's def 12 at the moment due to being engaged. Still, 5 to hit isn't bad and if boosted means a hit most likely. Unfortunately my opponent chooses not to boost...and misses...His reasoning was that he'd only be left with 2 fury if he boosted to hit and boosted damage. Sadly, missing isn't much better. He feats and brings back a Carnivean and casts spiny growth on himself. The carnivean tries to jam my Inverters.  
+I allocate 2 focus to one of the Inverters. Corollary allocates 3 focus to one warjack and 1 to another one. Then Lucant activates, purifies and casts Positive charge on the farmost warjack. He's left Thrags too far upfront and I'm going to take advantage of that. First jack walks up and kills the resurrected Carnivean. Attunement servitors flare Thrags. 2nd jack (the one that is positive charged) walks over to Thrags, beats him with a boosted-to-hit macropummeler and then buys more attacks on him. He transfers most of them, inadvertantly killing his Ravagore in the process. He can't transfer the last one though so he does take that. My mechanics walk up and give 2 of my Recips pathfinder so they can charge through the wall. The left unit of my recips charge into Thrags who is already knocked down, while choosing +2 to DMG. Only 4 of them can make it into him but it's enough and Thrags goes down. 

Thoughts on game
Well, I think my jacks actually took enough damage over the course of the game to have kill each of them twice over. Just that I kept repairing it. Or maybe 1.5 times over. Overall, it was a fairly bad turn when my opponent failed to kill my jack with his Scythean, which in turn ended up with him sacrificing BOTH warbeasts to my 2 warjacks. Of course, missing the mutagenesis out of a desire not to boost it didn't help either. That was pretty painful. Legitimately, this should have been a much harder game for me if not the whims and vagaries of fate. And dice rolls.