Sunday, 7 September 2014

Iron Mother vs Terminus

Terminus...with 30 banes.... 35 Actually. This batrep is pretty late cause I've been in China for work recently and the net connection here sucks. A lot. 

Convergence Tier 4
Iron Mother
-Prime Axiom

Attunement Servitors
Attunement Servitors
Elimination Servitors
Elimination Servitors
Optifex Directives


Blackbane Raiders
Bane Knights
Bane Knights
Bane Knights
Bane Riders

Okay, technically that's 45 Banes. Although I am playing an infantry chewing list mostly because I asked 'so what faction are you playing?' and decided to try out the Iron Mother since she's an infantry chewing machine. I end up going 2nd, which may have been a bad choice for me since my army requires me to be able to shoot first. Also, there's an issue with whether I will be able to deal with so many banes. Otoh, his feat is also 99% useless. 

Turn 1
-1 focus to Stalker.Blackbanes run up the center. Bane Riders run up all the way on the right. Stalker runs up the far left. One unit of Banes runs up the right, behind the Riders, the other runs up the left while the last runs up behind the Blackbanes. Terminus casts Malediction and fail-charges the Axiom. 
+The banes are pretty up close and it's time to kill them. Or as many of them as I can. First, the optifex directives give the Assimilators and the Prime Axiom magical weapons. Then the Corollary activates; gains a focus and gives focus to the Prime Axiom and inducts another into an Assimilator. Attunement servitors shoot the Blackbanes. Iron mother orders a run charge and one of her servitors runs up to within arcing distance of the Blackbanes while the other runs up so that Iron Mother can charge it. I cast shrapnel swarm onto the blackbanes and then firegroup and finally tactical supremacy on Iron Mother herself. The assimilators move up and ground pounder the blackbanes into oblivion followed by the Prime Axiom who pops 3 elimination servitors due to the tier benefit. Modulator walks up but is out of range of most things he can actually hurt. 

Turn 2
-Another focus to the Stalker and he upkeeps malediction. His bane riders charge my Servitors and one Assimilator but they fail charge on the Assimilator due to not being able to clear a wall with their base. The bane knights charge the frontline servitors and kill them but are too far away to hit anything else. Black Banes charge forward and kill more servitors. Thankfully I have a lot of them to chew through. 
+Here's where I make a major mistake. I forget Terminus has sac pawn...I think most people can see where this is going. Anyway, I decide this is the best time to feat. I drop Tactical Supremacy and give 3 focus to the Prime Axiom. It The corollary activates and gives focus to the assimilators. Reflex Servitors pop out some flares while eliminator servitors shoot some of the bane knights. Iron Mother activates, feats and shoots the Blackbanes and the bane knights. She also casts Firegroup. The assimilators clear out some Bane Riders and banes. The modulator clears out some bane knights but bounce off some of their armor. The PA moves up to just within range of Terminus and shoots Terminus and tries to drag him but dammit, he sac pawns it into nearby banes. I shoot several times with the main gun as well but I fail to damage him at all. I think I can say goodbye to the PA next turn...
Turn 3
-1 focus to the Stalker. Terminus upkeeps Malediction, camps all his focus and runs up to the PA. He has a cunning plan, but seriously, the best status effect is dead. The remaining bane knights on the right charge the PA. The bane knights on the left charge the Modulator due to not being within range of the PA. The Bane riders charge the assimilators and the PA. Ironically, somehow my PA survives. That's all I need with Terminus within 2" of me. Stalker runs up near the center, towards Terminus. Way too close to Terminus as it seems. 
+So...I drop all focus on Iron Mother. I don't allocate any focus since Corollary is going to be full again. Reflex Servitors pop some flares nearby Terminus and hit him as well. Eliminator servitors shoot some bane knights. Iron Mother pops shrapnel swarm onto some bane knights and kills them and accidentally kills my Modulator as well. Derp. I then dominate the Stalker by arcing through my servitor and then use it to whack a flared Terminus. It hits and his grievous wounds removes Terminus's tough. I also spike the damage roll, rolling double 6s. The corollary activates and gives the Prime Axiom 3 focus. The Prime Axiom whacks Terminus and boosts to hit. It hits and sustained attacks do the rest. 

Thoughts on game
Iron mother is interesting but playing an almost purely range game is hard when the enemy can just run up and jam you. We were discussing if Ciphers would have helped this list with their rough terrain AOEs but I can't really find a place for them in terms of pointage. I really like the assimilators due to ground pounder and POW 6s from the Cipher are really lackluster. Also, not that it would have helped in this match since his units all ignore terrain. Dominating the stalker was funny though since my opponent totally forgot I could do that.