Thursday, 4 September 2014


The most recent scandal to hit the Gaming scene, involving corruption, sex and lots of crazy people. Warning, long text inside. 

So basically, this has been covered several times and by people who are way more talented than me so I'm just going to link to the articles here. But a basic summary is someone slept with several connected personnel in the gaming new industry, which may have resulted in more favorable press for their games. However, apparently this caused several people in the gaming news industry to go insane and cry out that Gamers were dead/toxic etc etc. 

See, this is the part I take exception to and I'm not really sure just what is going through their minds as GAMING blogs go around writing articles titled how Gamers are dead, how Gamers don't have to be the audience of Game developers. Yes, you read that correctly. Not only are Game news websites basically shitting on the people most likely to read their website but they're also trying to convince game developers to do that as well. It's just WTF and it's such a huge over-reaction that one can't help but feel that it's just a panicked over-reaction due to a guilty conscience. 

I can't really speak for others because unlike certain game 'journalists'; and I have to use the term journalists loosely, I understand that people are different even if they like the same hobby. Hence I couldn't claim to be speaking on behalf of gamers but I think I can safely say most gamers think this is pure total BS. I mean, what gives some assholes the right to decry the whole of gamerdom? I'm a gamer and I'm not a misogynist. My friends are gamers and I'm pretty sure they're not misogynist but just because some assholes want catchy titles and quick clicks, it's ok to label all of us toxic trolls? No offense but this is kind of why I stopped reading most gaming news websites ages ago. Not only are most of them crap; ESPECIALLY Kotaku, but they apparently have nfi what they're doing at all. 

My own take on the issue is that the allegations are probably true. We all know that reviewers and game developers are pretty closely tied; apparently game bloggers just have lower standards than normal reviewers, and that reviews can be bought. Is it so surprising that someone would use their connections to try and push their game into the limelight? I don't think so. The fact that the gaming blogs are pushing such ridiculous headlines out kind of makes me think they're trying to hush the issue up. Of course, this is pretty much my own take on the situation because there's a lot of BS flying around both sides.