Monday, 1 September 2014

EwF by Everything with Fries

Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road #01-24/25 s238896 (Somerset)
I'm going to say something that would probably get me sued in France. But please people, there are way better burger joints than this place, even Carls Jr is better! In other words, so not worth eating. 

Right, so EwF is another chain by the people who did Awfully chocolate and has been around for a few years at least at its current location. I've seen it now and then while passing by the mall but I've never actually tried it. Now I wish I still hadn't tried it. 

Basically, 3 people sat down to eat their food and not one of them liked it. I had what was described as a Bacon with egg burger and what did I get in the burger? Bacon. With Egg. But no fucking patty?? WTF? By that reasoning, I guess when I order a Mushroom Swiss at Burger King, I should only be getting mushrooms and swiss cheese in the burger as well. I mean, what kind of miserly cheap-ass owner decides that hey, my bacon and egg burger will have bacon and egg but NO BEEF patty. Needless to say I was pretty pissed off and probably wouldn't go there again but that's just my opinion. Being shorted of a beef patty and having to deal with what's basically a sandwich instead of a burger might have influenced my decision a bit. 

However, it wasn't just me since none of the other 2 people I went to the joint with even remotely liked their food. And they all ordered different things. One even complained her battered fish burger tasted burnt. The bread was soft and greasy and really felt like it was just going to break apart because it was so fragile. In other words, it was pretty shitty bread. 

Their fries; which they are supposedly famous for and hence the name, are really really average. Which is sad because these are supposed to be their specialty dish. But really, their curry fries are basically fries with what tastes like the same kind of curry powder used in instant noodles but sprinkled onto fries instead of onto your instant noodles. Same for their BBQ fries and so on. Good job guys -_-. 

In the end, the food was so bad that we were joking that they should get Gordon Ramsey to come down here just for an episode of Restaurant Hell or Cafe Hell. When you have burger prices that range from 9SGD and onwards, people expect a BEEF PATTY in their bacon and egg burgers. It's not like it's some el cheapo burger that costs 2-3 bucks and even at that price, Burger King can put in a beef patty into their burgers. 

Overall conclusion? Avoid cause food is crap.