Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Relic Knights: Black Diamond

So...finally Relic Knights arrived. It was kind of a joke back then how long this thing would be delayed for but now, Palladium and Kingdom Death are making this KS look good. 

So I got my Relic Knights, which I had almost forgotten about and I've assembled quite a few of them. And I'm going to say so far, I've been pretty satisfied with what I've received. 

Not to say that there aren't huge crappy models; swordsworn being one of them, but in general, for the Black Diamond faction which was the first faction I started assembling, the models are pretty good. The restic is somehow better than Privateer Press, although I suspect that may also be due to the fact that Relic Knight miniatures in general seem to have less detail than PPs minis. I mean, just looking at the image I linked above, the surfaces are mostly flat and if there are filigree, it's not to a huge extent. Especially since the Black Diamond are a purely military/mercenary faction so their uniforms/armor is pretty drab and streamlined. Nothing like Menoths. That being said, I LOVE the insert bases they came with.

Holy crap, those bases are gorgeous. A bit busy in some areas but damn, those are some fine looking bases. I would have supported a kickstarter alone for those bases. My only issue is just how much the large 80mm insert stands out from the base. It's pretty tall. Nonetheless, I am very happy with these inserts and can not wait for the day they start selling them in retail (currently, they've only been sent to backers). I could eeasily see a whole Convergence of Cyriss army based on these. 

So far, I've been trying my hand at painting some of them, mostly the models that I've found interesting and I've managed to get a small 35 point army going. Or rather 35 with an extra 19points worth of options. Overall, they paint up pretty nicely even if I'm out of practice.