Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Khador vs Cryx

Right, so D3 is down...again. So I thought I'd write up this battlereport which has been waiting for a loooong time (roughly since DiabloIII came out really...)

-Berserker x 3

Min unit of demo corps x 2
Greylord Ternions


Banelord Tartarus

He wins deployment so he goes first

Turn 1
-He runs his units up
+I run my own units up, screening Karchev with my MOWs.

Turn 2
-He kills several of my MOW with his units. 
+In return, I kill several more of his. I spray his bile thralls so most of them die but not all. Meanwhile my warjacks run the other way to engage his bloodgorgers. I'm trying to avoid his baneknights at the moment or at least until I can destroy his bloodgorgers. 

Turn 3
-He destroys all my MOW and my greylords. 
+I destroy several of his units but he also keeps making a LOT of tough rolls. 

Turn 4
-He charges my units and kills several of my warjacks. 
+In return, I destroy his warjack and Tartarus and then Karchev is left on his own. This is not good. I'm out in the open and eGaspy hasn't used his feat yet.

Turn 5
-He rezzes his bane knights and Tartarus with his feat and then he tries to assassinate Karchev. Surprisingly, 10 bane knights fail to kill Karchev -_- Even with charge on. However, he still has Gerlak and several bloodgorgers left. As well as a fresh eGaspy while I have a very badly damaged Karchev. With that in mind, I concede.

Thoughts on game
Well, it seems like I would be better off with 2 fullsquads of MOW Demo Corps instead of 2 min units. However, I'm probably much better off not using Karchev's tier list. Needing 2 units of MOW in it is just too expensive, points wise.