Friday, 21 September 2012

Conquest vs Behemoth+Spriggan

In which I learn that a 15" threat range should not be underestimated. Also, conquest. Now with arms. 


Winterguard + UA
Kovnik Joe
Aiyana and Holt
Koldun Lord


Nyss + Valachev

Right, another SR scenario. This time I've put in the WGDS for the Harkevich list to test them out.  I win deployment so I go first.

Turn 1
-Harkevich casts escort + fortune on Conquest. Conquest runs up. Rest of WGDS runs up. Joe gives them fearless + tough. 
+He runs his units up as well, though he uses Valachev to give his Nyss the extra range needed to shoot several of my winterguard. Again, I'm horribad at making tough rolls.

Turn 2
-Right, WGDS move up to screen Conquest. They get bob and weave and Joe gives them tough. Conquest moves up to try and shoot spriggan. It hits but doesn't crit. Harkevich moves up, casts broadsides. I shoot Spriggan again. Again I fail to crit and do much damage. I'm attempting to crit cause Vlad is right behind spriggan and will definitely be caught in the 4" AOE if I do.
+Right, he feats, casts boundless charge on Behemoth. His Nyss kills ALL the WG I have blocking a charge lane to Conquest (so many tough rolls...failed...) and then Behemoth and Spriggan go in for the kill. Conquest; needless to say, dies. This was quite a bad case of not being able to correctly estimate distance on my part. I should have left Conquest a bit further back. Like 2" so that only the spriggan would have been able to reach him because a spriggan can not take down the Conquest by itself. 

Turn 3
-Right. No Conquest. Most of WGDS dead. I'm left with Harkevich, mechaniks, Koldun Lord, Sylyss, Aiyana and Holt and 4 WGDS members. Oh and Joe. Meanwhile my opponent has a near full strength unit of Nyss and Widowmakers and the two heavy jacks. This is not looking good. Anyway. First things first. Joe gives the WGDS members boosted attack rolls. They go and spray the Nyss and widowmakers and kill a LOT of them in revenge. So much that they both take and fail their command checks. I use Harkevich to feat and charge Spriggan. My hope is to crit stagger Spriggan so he loses his initial attacks. I make a mistake when I beat him back with overtake, since that pushes him into pVlads control area. Originally he was out. But my initial plan was to stagger him into Behemoth and try and crit stagger both. Oh well, live and learn. Anyway, I do manage to crit stagger him. Aiyana cast kiss on Behemoth while rest of the members try to charge him. This is a desperate attempt. 
+He gives 3 focus to Spriggan and moves forward to try and beat me. He has to buy attacks since he doesn't have any initial attacks. He fails to kill Harkevich due to the extra armor from the feat but I'm left with 6 hp. Behemoth kills several mechaniks, tries to shoot Harkevich but fails to dent him. 
Turn 4
-Right. Another long shot time. I try to assassinate pVlad on the hill. Joe gives the WGDS boosted attack rolls and they move forward to try and shoot him down. pVlad is mostly dry so it MIGHT be possible. MIGHT be. Anyway, I fail due to missing him several times -_-. Harkevich tries to crit stagger Spriggan again but fails to. This is goodbye. 
+Spriggan kills Harkevich. The End.

Thoughts on game
Well, this was an interesting game since I felt there were actually a lot of things I realised I did wrongly. I might actually have been able to turn this around although that would have depended on the stars aligning and being right -_-
1. Conquest should have been further back. This is kind of obvious. If only Spriggan had been able to reach Conquest, Spriggan would have died next turn and Conquest would be repaired. 
2. Was getting too dependent on crit devastation. This is one of the things about Conquest. When you get crit devs, you tend to rely on it a lot, which you shouldn't. 
3. I should not have used Harkevich to beat Spriggan backwards. This was really dumb on my part. I should have used Harkevich to beat Spriggan, try and get crit stagger then BOOST all attack rolls. Without initial attacks and no focus, Spriggan would have done nothing that turn. Since his Nyss and Widowmakers all failed command checks also, they would have done nothing as well. That would have provided me with 1 turn of beating his army down. I should have still surrounded behemoth to make sure he can't beat Harkevich then tried to damage Spriggan enough that cortex dropped or weapon systems dropped or better yet, it died. Probably could have done this over 2 turns. Then it would become a matter of taking care of Behemoth. Somehow.

Overall, was an interesting game. WGDS does seem to work better with this list than IFP although I still don't make enough tough rolls.